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  1. I have a custom made sync cord with worn out threads on the Nikonos 5-pin side. Instead of buying a new cord, I was wondering if anyone has a broken/nonfunctional sync cord lying around, that I could use for parts?
  2. Thanks! Yeah, it's set to manual and no pre-flash. I use the same settings on another strobe using the Triggerfish, which fires correctly and is very reliable. No flooding of the ports, but I might try switching the sync cords to make sure it's not a simple cable issue.
  3. Does anyone have experience with the HW RSU? I recently bought a used unit, which works ok but every time it triggers, the strobe (Inon Z240) fires three consecutive flashes with a couple of seconds in between. It's not a big deal, except that each shot takes longer, and the batteries drain faster. I've learned to live with it, but maybe someone has a quick solution to it. Does it have settings that I don't know about, or is there a manual for it that I can't find?
  4. Hi all, Just wanted to introduce myself – I'm Anders, originally from Sweden but currently living in Seattle, WA. I'm a biologist and have mostly been using underwater photography as a tool for scientific diving in various places, but now I mostly do cave and mine diving photography. Currently looking for some used Inon Z240 strobes to be used as remote strobes, please let me know if you've got any for sale! Anders
  5. Hi, I'm Anders from Seattle, WA. Hunting some additional Inon strobes for a cave trip.
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