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  1. I'm using the sentinal V4 for about half a year. Although the red light never flickered (as it should) when battery power was low (the sentinel always just turned off) I was quite satisfied. But since 2 weeks the electronic system seems to have a problem: First I had a red light consistently (no flickering) and now a flickering between red and green permanently. Besides that, the sentinel can't be switched off anymore. Today a replacement of the board arrived.
  2. Very nice work - congrats! Music fits perfectly. Gesendet von meinem GT-I9505 mit Tapatalk
  3. Hi Brian, thanks for your help! Your arguments are convincing and I name it Odontodactylus latirostris. Cheers, waso
  4. Thank you, Brian! I was already considering Odontodactylus latirostris, but non of the images I found in the www showed such a cyan carapax. Do you have a link to pictures, showing this color? Thanks for the compliment - yes, I was snooting, but sort of a 'wide angle' (selfmade) snoot. ;-) Cheers, waso
  5. Hello, doubtlessly this is a boxing mantis shrimp, but which species? It was a bit smaller than Odontodactylus scyllarus (Peacock Mantis Shrimp) - the photos were made at Lembeh. Does anybody have an idea? Thanks in advance! Cheers, waso
  6. Thanks, Tim! And greetings to Amsterdam!!!
  7. Hello, I have two images from the the same species and I'm struggling with the ID. Original: Crop: Original: Crop: Both images were shot at Bali. I'm considering Bryaninops amplus or Bryaninops yongei. Is somebody familiar with this species? Any help is appreciated! Cheers, waso
  8. As far as I see, the images are not really comparable, because the're shot with completely different apertures (F16 vs.F36) In my experience there's a huge difference in diffraction. Was it done for a certain reason?
  9. Thanks for the plausible explanation, Alex! Cheers, Wahrmut
  10. Very interesting thread - I'll keep following... What happend to the very corners? They seem to have a much stronger vignetting. Wahrmut
  11. Sorry to you both that I didn't reply to your comments - of some reason the function for following the topic was switched off... :-( I must admit that I really struggle in differentiating the species of Gobies, e.g. P. micheli and P. mossambica. Is it absolutely impossible that P. mossambica lives on a hard coral? If so, is P. micheli the only alternative? Thanks so far! Cheers Wahrmut
  12. Hi, can anybody help me with this goby from Bali? Size was about 2-3 cm. Original: Crop: Thanks in advance Wahrmut
  13. Thanks for the quote, pointy! It's always good to get a reliable ID from an expert. And thanks to everybody, helping to answer my question. Cheers Wahrmut
  14. Ok, I was checking all the RAW files, investigating the snakes skin. Although it doesn't look quite 'hydrodynamic', I don't see 'real' spines. But have a look yourself (100% crop): I can see some tiny 'kind-of-spines' on the right side, but nothing which is comparable with Hydrophis donaldi. Cheers P.S.: Of some reason, the forum software reduces the image and makes it quite blury... :-(
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