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  1. Thank you both! It seems quite hard to identify these gobies.
  2. Well, I still struggle with the ID of North Sea gobies. This one seems to be Pomatoschistus minutus or Pomatoschistus microps. Length about 6-8cm - very shallow depth. Any suggestions? Cheers, waso
  3. Thanks a lot! I didn't expect an answer anymore.
  4. Hello, I'm pretty insecure about the ID of this squids from Bali. Could it be Sepioteuthis lessoniana? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello, I was in the water with a very long focal length to make head shots from gobies in Zeeland (Dutch North Sea). Luckily, I made some bad photos too, with something more than just a gobies head - and I hope that there's enough to see for an ID. My guess is Pomatoschistus pictus, but it could be Pomatoschistus minutus as well. Another guess from somebody else was Gobius niger, but for me the colours doesn't fit. Any help is appreciated! Cheers, waso
  6. I'm using the sentinal V4 for about half a year. Although the red light never flickered (as it should) when battery power was low (the sentinel always just turned off) I was quite satisfied. But since 2 weeks the electronic system seems to have a problem: First I had a red light consistently (no flickering) and now a flickering between red and green permanently. Besides that, the sentinel can't be switched off anymore. Today a replacement of the board arrived.
  7. Very nice work - congrats! Music fits perfectly. Gesendet von meinem GT-I9505 mit Tapatalk
  8. Hi Brian, thanks for your help! Your arguments are convincing and I name it Odontodactylus latirostris. Cheers, waso
  9. Thank you, Brian! I was already considering Odontodactylus latirostris, but non of the images I found in the www showed such a cyan carapax. Do you have a link to pictures, showing this color? Thanks for the compliment - yes, I was snooting, but sort of a 'wide angle' (selfmade) snoot. ;-) Cheers, waso
  10. Hello, doubtlessly this is a boxing mantis shrimp, but which species? It was a bit smaller than Odontodactylus scyllarus (Peacock Mantis Shrimp) - the photos were made at Lembeh. Does anybody have an idea? Thanks in advance! Cheers, waso
  11. Thanks, Tim! And greetings to Amsterdam!!!
  12. Hello, I have two images from the the same species and I'm struggling with the ID. Original: Crop: Original: Crop: Both images were shot at Bali. I'm considering Bryaninops amplus or Bryaninops yongei. Is somebody familiar with this species? Any help is appreciated! Cheers, waso
  13. As far as I see, the images are not really comparable, because the're shot with completely different apertures (F16 vs.F36) In my experience there's a huge difference in diffraction. Was it done for a certain reason?
  14. Thanks for the plausible explanation, Alex! Cheers, Wahrmut
  15. Very interesting thread - I'll keep following... What happend to the very corners? They seem to have a much stronger vignetting. Wahrmut
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