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  1. Sold: EV Controllers and IKELITE DS161* Still available at great price are: IKELITE DS50 ($75+ shipping in the US or best offer) *Thanks to Michael from Illinois, the DS161 has a new home. Great doing business with Michael.
  2. Sold: EV Controllers. Still available at great prices are: IKELITE DS161 ($450 + shipping in US OR Best offer) IKELITE DS50 ($100+ shipping in the US or best offer) Buy both for $500 and free shipping in US.
  3. Meant to add link: Will accept reasonable offer for the DS161 http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=62167&hl=strobes I am not sure why the post shows me as guests...???? But I am peartdiver! Thanks
  4. I have one...check out the post here
  5. Sold: EV Controllers. Still available at great prices are: IKELITE DS161 ($550 + shipping in US OR Best offer) IKELITE DS50 ($185 + shipping in the US or best offer) Buy both for $700 and free shipping in US.
  6. Great doing business with you. I am glad the package arrived and you are pleased. Thank you.! Peter
  7. I have two and posted them for sale yesterday http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=62167&st=0&p=395891 ppeart@gmail.com I have two and posted them for sale yesterday ppeart@gmail.com... Make an offer if you are still interested. Peter
  8. Its your luck day! I am offering any or all these items pictured here for an incredible price(s). Here are your choices: Package Includes:1 x DS161 Strobe Front, 1 x Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack, 1 x Smart Charger for NiMH with (USA Plug Euro Plug, UK Plug, Australian Plug),1 x Diffuser Ikelite's DS161 is one of the most popular strobes in the industry, with amazing specs and ultra fast recycle time. Guide # (ISO 100) feet - 76 surface - 38 underwater * Angle of Coverage - 90 degrees - 100 degrees with diffuser. Warm light color temperature compared to other strobes. 225 flashes per full charge. Ikelite's DS50 strobe (4 AA batteries not included) This is the older version of DS51 and is in great working condition. Angle of coverage 75 deg or 80 deg. with diffuser. Great as a starter strobe or used as a second strobe for creative lighting. Together with the DS161 described above, you have a great start to lighting your underwater photography. Optical slave converters: These conveniently attach to the individual strobe. EV Controller triggers your Ikelite DS-series strobe off any camera or strobe flash. The Optical Slave Converter simply attaches to the strobe's electrical bulkhead via the cord connector. Triggering of the strobe occurs via flash or pre-flash. As I said, this is your lucky day and if you wish to pursue this deal please contact me at ppeart@gmail.com and we'll discuss terms and conditions. Thanks for your interests. Peter
  9. When I first ordered Inon Z330 (2) from Backscatter (east) it took 6-7 weeks but they arrived in time for my recent April trip to Curacao. Having only read up on their potential, I am happy to report they are really studly in their performance and I had no issues to report at this time. Recycle time and was great using the recommended eneloop pro AA batteries. I fired off dozens of shots during my dives and still got great response without recharging. The warm difuser was in use and I loved the effect on my images. These strobes are easy to manipulate on the strobe arms and using a Nauticam's fiber optic cable for TTL with my housed Canon G7x, I am very pleased. If you are considering purchasing this unit, it is worth the wait. Peter
  10. I use the G7x and love its versatility. I don't think its outdated and it lives up to its reputation. I have used Canons for underwater imaging since the early days of their 2.1 megapixel camera and have upgraded steadily through the years and recently arrived at the G7x after it came out. Still trying to master its capabilities and my own techniques. Your shots are lovely! and show what's possible in the right hands. I loved diving in Tulamben and hope to return again soon. I was last there in 2014 and was a bit weary to truly take advantage of the muck diving from the house reef where we stayed at Villa Markisa. Peter
  11. I just returned from a trip to Curacao and had a great time with green turtles that frolicked at the house reef off the apts where I stayed. There are multiple images in the album posted on my website peartalert.com, but can be accessed directly via this link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Umt3Dtp6HZqKBMbx9 If you find any that will help your effort please let me know and help yourself. Peter
  12. In 2015, I was diving in the shallows in Curacao and came across this critter pictured here and had no idea except it was a jelly fish. Anyway, I later identified it as a Bonaire box banded jellyfish, newly discovered in 2012 according to http://www.nefsc.noaa.gov/rcb/news/features/boxjelly/ Apparently this is highly poisonous species, but it allowed me to get up close and personal. I just returned from Curacao (April 25, 2018) and did not encounter this time. Has anyone encountered this critter lately or ever? Thanks Peter Has anyone encountered this critter lately?
  13. Hello Dive Community: I Peter Peart. Let me introduce myself. I love diving. I live in the Washington DC area and just retired. I just returned from a diving trip to Curacao. It is lovely place to dive, especially where I have stayed on all my previous 8 trips there. There is a very active house reef easily accessible from the apartments. There are always tanks available 24/7 and a wonderful and secured gear room. Than said, I have been fortunate over the years to have gotten wet, in the Caribbean, Indonesia, and Iceland. Traveling the world and hauling all the gear is one of the few drawbacks to sport. But I trust and know my gear and deal with the hauling, pulling and paying that comes with toting from place to place. As an avid photographer, there is also that additional gear. And as photographic life has gotten more sophisticated, I am always upgrading and tinkering to find the best setup possible. The irony is that after every dive trip, I always seem to find something to tweak, either by addition or subtraction. Someone's setup gives me ideas and I act. Anyway, this is the first of many posts and don't want to bore you. Regards, Peter
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