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  1. I'm selling my camera and housing as I'm upgrading. This has been a great set up for me and is in great condition you will be getting a good bit of kit. Make me a sensible offer and it's yours.




    photos on request

  2. Nope, can't find it even have logged out and back in.

    The only things under resources are: Classifieds, Live Chat, Free stuff and Member list

    I am using Firefox on a Mac OS 10.5 at home, but couldn't see it on my work PC either


    I had the same problem until I cleared the cache then it popped up...

  3. Just tried it on Safari/Mac (safari 3.1.1, OSX 10.4.11). I'll try 10.5.2 at home. So far it works. Can you try Firefox to see if it's a browser issue?


    Its a browser problem. Firefox worked. Sorry I should have tried it before hassling you, I know Safari can be a pain.


    Anyway great feature, now I can see just how close I really live to Alex..........

  4. Does the top right of the window show a 'Logout' link? Just making sure you're actually logged in according to this page. Maybe something there doesnt sync right.




    Hi Cor


    I have the same problem (maybe). I'm logged in and I tried yesterday to mark my position and it seemed to work but when I looked at the map I couldn't see my marker. I tried a few times, I can't see my name on the list either. Today I can't even seem to place a marker. I'm using Safari on a Mac if that matters.


    Cheers for the idea anyway it is very cool.



  5. As I understand it the RAW converter is a plug-in to the full version of CS,CS2,CS3. There may of course be a simple version available to Elements but it will probably be like the travesty packed with Nikon cameras!


    I've just installed elements 6.0 on my Mac to test it for you and it seems to have the RAW converter, BUT I do have the CS3 installed already so it could be picking the converter up from there.


    I will try installing it on another computer later thats doesn't have CS3 and let you know how I get on.



  6. Which part of my 30 inch display should be at eye-level? I feel like I'm sitting at the Odean Leicester Square now! I just leave the tools on the laptop. I'm writing a Word document in 12 point and the letters are at least a centimetre deep. The centre of the document is level with my eyes. In fact I have to look upwards to write this post as I only opened he window in the corner of the screen!


    Well for us "normal" people without silly oversized displays... :rolleyes:


    The ideal viewing height is to have your eyes level with an imaginary line across the screen, about 2"-3" below the top of the monitor. So for me that means making my screens a little higher, for you it may mean cutting your stand off. :blink:

  7. Software boxes are far too geeky. Mine is on an old Ecology text book. Actually, maybe that is worse.


    Typically apple - not making a large enough stand with their monitors!




    I can get away with software boxes at work as thats what I teach so all my students think I'm a geek anyway.


    Yeah adjustable stands would have made sense.... but the main reason I have had to higher them is my seat. I use a Swiss ball (good for the back) and you can't really change the hight of it. See pic


    Yeah go on give me all the jokes, I've heard them all. But you should try it very good.


  8. Especially for you. Well, I tidied up my desk but now I have to sort out the rest of the office!


    By the way, I find I cannot use my Nikonscan application as an import into CS3 (unless you know why!). I have to now use it asa stand-alone application.


    Very nice John, You should also think putting your MBP on a laptop stand. At work I use a PB with 23' display, see photo. I've put my laptop on a iCurve stand, and then put both on software boxes just so they are higher up. Makes for a better working position, remember try and put the top of your display in line with your eyes.


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