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  1. Looks very much like a Mushroom Scorpion fish... but I'm no expert!
  2. Thanks Leslie! Interesting stuff!
  3. Please would anyone be able to assist me with an ID of this worm. Initially I thought it was a nudibranch as it was so pretty, but on closer inspection it would appear to be a segmented worm. Approx 1cm in length, not shy. Found on the underside of a piece of loose sponge in a turtle grass bed in approx 30ft water. Your help is greatly appreciated!Picture Kay Wilson, St. Vincent.
  4. Please can anyone help with an ID of this shrimp? Found in Touch Me Not sponges, apparently in symbiotic relationship with the Touch Me Not sponge worms... No ID in the books that I have. Size approx. <1cm, transparent with tiny white 'gloves'. Video Photo Thanks! Kay Wilson, Indigo Dive, St. Vincent
  5. The moray looks like a chestnut moray.
  6. Leslie, Thank you so much! Awesome shot from Art. I have a few other critters that I can't ID, I'll post them once I get some better shots! All the best, Kay
  7. Hi folks, Me again! Found this shrimp about quarter if an inch in size, in a Sea Pen, approx 40ft, sea grass bed. Again this is a 'new to me' critter, and I'd be very happy if anyone can provide a name for the face. St. Vincent, Caribbean sea. Thank you so much for your assistance! Kay Wilson, Indigo Dive, St. Vincent.
  8. They don't get seen very often! The folks that were diving with me got a couple of great shots too. Thank you again Leslie!
  9. Found this critter yesterday, hiding under an old shoe, on a muck dive. Approx 30ft water in a bay that has a river mouth. Cannot find any mention in any of the ID books that I have. It was approx 1 inch / 2.5 cms, bright red, and behaving in a manner similar to a scorpion. (And it really did not want to be photographed!) The picture is not as sharp as I would like, but it should be clear enough to get an ID. Thank you again for your help! Critter to be ID'd
  10. Thank you Leslie, this dive was a sea slug fest, and this is something that I have never seen before!
  11. Found at Critter Corner last Friday, 25ft of water, hiding under a piece of loose sponge (flotsam? I always get flotsam / jetsam mixed up!). Doris? The critter was approx 1 inch in size, and seemed relatively unbothered by me, but headed back into the shade quite quickly. Thanks! Kay Wilson, Indigo Dive.
  12. Found at Critter Corner, in around 25ft water, St. Vincent last Friday, approx 4 inches long. Originally thought that it was an Atlantic Sea Hare as it was so big! Mysterious Head Shield Slug? Thanks! Kay Wilson, Indigo Dive.
  13. We have the same aggregation in St. Vincent... I took this photo on Friday. I was excited to spot one, but then found hundreds! They weren't performing as in Erics picture, but I was very surprised to see so many in one place. Sea Hare
  14. Great, it's not in the Humann Deloach book, and this is the first time that I have seen this nudi in St. Vincent in 7 years of living / diving here. Do you know if it's range? Thanks again1
  15. Can anyone help with an ID please http://picasaweb.google.com/SVGsites/10013...634143887202274Visit My Website
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