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    Nikon D70s + Olympus C-5060
  • Camera Housing
    Sea&Sea DX-D70 + Olympus PT-027
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    Two sea&sea ys-90auto
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    ULCS strobe arms
  1. Thanks for the answer... I'm hoping im some other news from others divers too. Thanks again
  2. Hi guys, I own a sony rx 100 II and the recsea CWS RX100 II. I'd like to use wide angle lens and macro lens just to use the flexibility of putting on or remove the lens undewater. The housing is coming with m67 mouth so because I like Inon I'd like to buy the inon UWL-100 28AD+ DOME LENS UNIT II and macro lens UCL-165AD. I found on the recsea site that the sell and adapter to use the inon ad lens on m67 screw and the model is this one M67-28LD Adapter AD-M67/28LD Direct To Port HERE IS THE QUESTION... ALL this things attacked with the adapter m67-inon ad, is going to produce some vignetting, a lot of vignetting or nothing at all???? Please help me before purchasing and spend a lots of money... Thanks Alessio Simoncini (moved from the big one MDX-D300 to the small one Sony rx100 II)
  3. Hi, someone know if it will be possible to purcase the "the optical connector" alone, I was thinking to use it in my sea&sea housing so that I can have both the ttl and fiber optic cable to fire strobe, even if my housing only have a "hole" for nikonos 5pin. Any suggest? Thanks Alessio Simoncini
  4. I have a TTL converter 3 for nikon and I'd like to know if someone have used it on the new ones such as the RDX and MDX series, so that in a future upgrade I can use my "old equipment". Thank you Alessio
  5. I have a TTL converter 3 for nikon and I'd like to know if someone have used it on the new ones such as the RDX and MDX series, so that in a future upgrade I can use my "old equipment". Thank you Alessio
  6. Hi, quite sure Subal doesn't have a special back to fit d200 but on the web I found this: http://www.gotosnapshot.com/myblog/nikon-d...20-d200-housing Alessio
  7. Hi guys, I saw in the previous forum about how to fit the d300 in d200 housing made by nexus and subal. Does anybody know about d300 in d200 sea&sea housing? Has anyone tryed it or can post same pictures. Thank you Alessio
  8. Thank you Steve for the answer, so not to expesive to buy the extension. How I'll find what to do fot the nikkor 105 vr. Alessio
  9. Hi guys, instead of buying a new camera and housing, because of the lack of money I decided to invest in new lens and staying with mi querida d70s and sea&sea housing, here is the question: 1-Now I’m using sigma 10-20 with extension-ring 40 + fisheye dome port (it works really great), can I use this combination with tokina 10-17? I know that sea&sea chart says to use sx-extension + optical dome port but have someone ever tried my suggested combination? Maybe can I change just the extension instead of the big and expensive dome? 2- for macro I’m using sigma 105 ex dg with compact macro port base + compact macro port 79, can I use it with nikon 105 macro vr? As before, the sea&sea chart says different things and suggests to use dx macro port base + dx macro port 50, the thing is that the suggested port combination for nikon 105 vr should be shorter than mine how can I know if it works? Hope in some advice and help. Thank you all Alessio
  10. Hi Bruce, I think you can be right, I think also that maybe it is not a great problem because I can manage it quite surely. I know about the bulkheads changed in that housing, it is on service for this at the moment. Thank you PS I heard about the TTL 3 will be discontibued in the near future and will be replace with a Sea&Sea TTL circuit developed directly from Sea&Sea instead of made by a third Company... But I don't know when maybe in Autumn or later. Ciao Alex
  11. Hi IMSushi, thank you for the reply but "fortunately I know somethings about compensation :-)". The question is WHY SEA&SEA WRITE "+-0,7" on the use with dx-d70 and anything on the use with the other housings??? Hope I expalined it clearly this time. Alex
  12. Hi guys, I'm going to buy the Sea&Sea TTL converter 3 to use with my d70S AND two YS-90-Auto. I read on the Sea&Sea compatibility chart: http://www.seaandsea.jp/products/accessory/ttl.html you can use it with YS-90-Auto but it is write " YES,+0.7EV" what does it mean? Anybody can explain it to me? Anybody use ttl 3 with dx-d70? Thank you Alex
  13. 7- http://chris.peter.free.fr/tronic/h2o/index.php?lang=en Visible and audible. I found that they sell this as it so you don't have to built it... Great... Hope they are still selling this item. Hope it helps. Alessio
  14. Hi, guys I found that this question was largely but not completely discuss in the previous topic I’m looking for a Moisture Alarm, I’m looking for an audible and visible one here is a summary of what I found but for different reasons they are not really what I’m looking for: 1- http://www.uwleakdetector.com/ only visible. It sound good but it doesn’t fit my Sea&Sea dx-d70 housing I asked this to the dealer. 2- http://www.marinecamera.com/leek_h20detector.html only visible. It is perfect for my Sea&Sea dx-d70 housing but it is only visible. 3- http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/2451...arm_for_UW.html I don’t know maybe only visible and I don’t know if it can fit my Sea&Sea dx-d70 housing, no way to have an answer from B&H. 4- http://images-underwater.com/Moisture%20Alarm.htm only audible. GREAT for me BUT no answer from the dealer, quite sure they are out of business, it can fit my Sea&Sea dx-d70 housing. 5- http://www.guernseybiscuit.com//moisture%2...re_detector.htm only visible. It can fit my Sea&Sea dx-d70 housing. BUT UNFORTUNATELY I don’t know anything about how to build this thing but it looks great. 6- http://www.mitedu.freeserve.co.uk/Circuits/Alarm/walarm.htm only audible. It can fit my Sea&Sea dx-d70 housing. BUT UNFORTUNATELY same as above. 7- http://chris.peter.free.fr/tronic/h2o/index.php?lang=en Visible and audible. It sound Great but maybe to big for my housing and I don’t know anything about how to build this thing but it looks better than the others. So I’m in trouble because I need an “audible Moisture Alarm†and I don’t know where to find it. Hope it helps. And just in case any advice to my wondering??? Alessio
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