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  1. Clearing out unneeded gear. The following is available: Subal FP-75/4 Flat Port for Nikon AF-S 60mm G ED, plus Canon EF 28-90 & Canon EF 50 (RRP excl. VAT €241/$292/£213). Port has minor wear, but glass just replaced by Subal. Selling $175 Subal EXR-33/4 33mm Extension Ring (RRP excl. VAT €164/$198/£145). Add this to the FP-75 to shoo the Nikon 105mm VR. Selling for $105 Xit404 Focus Gear for Nikon 105mm VR in Subal Housing with Type 4 Ports (€124/$150/£110) Selling for $75 Saga Dive Flip Adapter for 67mm Macro Lens on Subal Flat Ports (RRP excl. VAT €240/$290/£212). Selling for $175 Buy all of the above as a package for $475 Saga Dive Flip Adapter for 67mm Macro Lens for Saga Port - Inner Diameter 100mm secured by grub screws so may fit other ports (RRP excl. VAT €215/$260/£190). Selling for $100 Dyron 67mm Adapter Subal FP Ports DY.ADSUB77a (RRP €83/$100/£73). Selling for $25 Dyron 67mm Adapter Subal FP-FC Ports DY.ADSUB77b (RRP €83/$100/£73). Selling for $25 Also available - make an offer: Subal FC-FP 105D/3 - Flat Port for Nikon 105D Type 3 Mount Subal EXR 50/3 - Extension Ring 50 Type 3 Mount Subal EXR20/3 - Extension Ring 20 Type 3 Mount Subal Zoom Gear for Nikon 12-24mm Subal Zoom Gear Nikon 10-24mm Subal Zoom Gear Tokina 10-17mm+Kenko 1.4xTC Subal Zoom Gear for Sigma 17-70mm Items located in Thailand. Happy to ship internationally at buyers expense.
  2. I have an old one, but the connector for the circuit board is broken off (the red bit in your photo). If you think you can fix it I'll send to you, just pay shipping from Thailand.
  3. Nauticam Housing Mount to enable the use of Nikonos Lenses converted by NJU Systems (Andrej Belic) on a Nauticam Housing with N120 Port System. This came with a pre-converted RS13mm I purchased, but I use a Subal Housing so do not have a need for the Nauticam Adapter, I had to buy a new Subal one. They cost Euro 550 + VAT, plus shipping costs from Austria, so Euro 700+. Will sell for Euro 450 plus shipping. Item is located in the UK. See http://njusystem.com/750/nikonos-rs-renewed-front-lens-replacement-for-nikon-r-uw-af-13mm-fisheye/blog/
  4. I also have a brand new Subal Type-4 Mount EXR-13 (13mm Extension Ring) that combined with the DP-170 is good for the Tokina 10-17mm. Retails for €180, will sell with the dome for €70 / £60
  5. Hi, you cannot change the mount on this model dome, it is only the Zen DP-200 that has an adapter that can be switched out (I just did this from Subal Type 3 to Type 4 with my DP-200) however it is actually more expensive than buying the Nauticam adapter for Subal Type 4 https://www.nauticam.com/products/adaptor-for-subal-t4-ports-with-lock.
  6. I have a brand new Retra Flash Mounting Module for the LSD Ultimate for sale if you find an LSD Ultimate with a different mount for sale. They retail for Euro 80 but selling for Euro 35 plus shipping from Thailand (not expensive).
  7. Excellent condition Zen DP-170 Dome Port with Subal Type 4 Mount. Glass immaculate, only signs of use is a small scuff on the bottom edge of shade that’s inevitable from normal usage. Lightweight for travel at under 1kg / 2lb. Comes complete with Zen Neoprene Cover. Retails for €1160 / £930 selling for £700 / €780 ono. Shipping at buyers expense but not overly expensive from Thailand, via Tracked EMS via Thai Post. Excellent condition Zen DP-170 Dome
  8. Harald Karl at Subal has one for sale for Euro 5000 that is already converted. You can find him on Facebook
  9. Retra Original Mounting Module for LSD Ultimate. Two available, one unused. Fits the newer Retra Pro & Prime but light output is reduced as places the LSD Lens a bit too close to the flash tube. Retails for Euro 80 (+ VAT if in Europe), selling for Euro 30 / USD 35 + shipping (fairly cheap from Thailand and should avoid import duty as sweet via normal mail with low declared value). Payment via PayPal +5% admin fees or to USD/EUR Bank without any extra charges.
  10. Subal T3 to T4 adapter SOLD. Subal T3 EXR-20 & EXR-50 still,available, plus an assortment of Zoom & Focus Gears (80th Teeth) - Nikon 10-24mm, Nikon 12-24mm & Sigma 17-70mm Zoom Gears plus 60mm ED Focus Gear and one other that I don’t recall the fitting. Accepting offers.
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