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  1. Looking for either a Subal DP-FE4 or ZenDP-200 / DP-230 with Subal Type 4 Mount. Shipping to Thailand or UK. Please PM if you have one available. Alex
  2. Hi A friend of mine is very interested in the dome port. Is it still available? He's just set up a Wetpixel Account and is awaiting Admin approval before he contacts you. Regards, Alex
  3. Hi John, As per Isaac, we loose the flexibility that FX systems have, where we need to use a +4 diopter on the 60mm lens. I didn’t actually try shooting the 60mm with the +4 without the EMWL, but would expect it to be limited. I originally didn’t get the lens shades given the extortionate price of them, but had very noticeable flare on both the 100 & 130 degree optics. Given the amount I had already laid out for the lens, another few hundred dollars for these was small change I can’t say I noticed the shade coming into view when mounted to the 100 degree optic on my system though. Have fun with your new toy!
  4. Focus gear for the Nikon 105mm VR lens for Subal Type 4 ports. I switched from Subal flat port to Saga to be able to use Nauticam Bayonet Adapter and the gear doesn’t fit inside the tapered end of the port! Perfect working order, looks as new. Sells in two separate parts for $150 for the Subal Gear & $125 for the Focus Ring that connect together. Xit404 also have larger Focus Rings to accommodate the 105mm Lens with Kenko Teleconveter 1.4x and 2x. Selling for $100 plus postage costs.
  5. I have been using the EMWL-1 on the D500 (Focussing Unit No.3) and it works great, it gives some very unique perspectives and is a lot of fun to shoot with. Given the cost of the EMWL-1, compromising the lens from the Nikkor 60mm ED and +4 Diopter doesn't seem a sensible option. I have a Subal Housing and use a custom made Saga Port with 67mm thread that accepts the Nauticam Bayonet Adapter. The +4 Diopter means that I need to use a short extension ring, the smallest available is 13mm so have been using that. I have been very happy with the results and the shots are sharp, though I am away from home at the moment so can't post examples. I have just switched systems to the D850, so need to get a new focusing unit (No.1) in the near future, so will be selling my current (No.3) focusing unit and the +4 Diopter as soon as I get home to Thailand next month. Send a PM if you're interested in a pristine used focusing unit at a discounted price.
  6. Item is now in the UK, so cheaper shipping to Europe & US, plus free shipping inside UK. Offers accepted.
  7. Hi, The port chart shows the 4.33” Dome needing a 20mm Extension for the Oly 8mm, whereas no Extension is needed for the Pano 8mm with the same dome. So I would guess this could work using a 20mm Extension with the 3.5” Dome, but I cannot give you a 100% guarantee of comparability.
  8. Price drop, now $400 / £300 / €365 plus shipping form Thailand that will be approx $10-20. Can also take back to the UK at the end of March and ship from there for UK/EU buyers
  9. Excellent condition N85 3.5" Acrylic Wide-Angle Dome Port (36131). I had the bottom shade professionally milled off, so it doesn't act like a shovel, scooping up sand when shooting wide-angle macro in sandy/muck environments. Selling as sold my EM10 system and this wasn't included in the sale. Dome has had minimal use. If you shoot M43 Mirrorless and want to get the best magnification on macro subjects with the 8mm fisheye for eye catching WAM shots this is the best port. Comes complete with neoprene cover and rear cap. This port sells for $488 and then there is the cost of the machining. Selling for $450 / £330 / €390 plus shipping form Thailand that will be approx $10-20
  10. Smooth transaction with @sinetwo, recommended buyer
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