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  1. Hello Coinee - Macro Port 60 no longer available. Macro Port 41 and the Athena Glass Dome are the remaining Ports. Milerhighlifeman - sent you a private message about this. It's still available.
  2. 1. N120 Macro Port 60 (with front and rear cap, 2 O-rings) - PHP13,000 / USD240- Minor scuffing on bottom, otherwise - good as new2. N120 Macro Port 41 (with front and rear cap, 2 O-rings) - PHP13,000 / USD240- good as new3. N85 to N120 60mm Port Adapter (with rear cap, 2 O-rings) - PHP13,000 / USD240- good as new4. Athena Glass Dome 160mm N120 (with 2 neoprene dome covers, 2 O-rings) - PHP30,000/ USD600- no scratches, good as new5. 10-18mm Sony E f4 lens with Zoom Gear - PHP27,000 / USD540- stored in dry box, good as new* Used with Sony a6xxx Nauticam system.* Can be used with any N85/N120 Nauticam Housing. Please check the Port Charts in their website.* RFS - Upgraded to new Nauticam Housing that uses N100 ports.* Shipping from Philippines c/o buyer
  3. If you can organize a trip to Verde Island from Anilao, then bring your wide angle lenses. It's about an hour by boat out of Anilao, and the boat can only make the crossing if the water is calm. It is worth a visit though! There are a few sites which are nice for wide angle in Anilao -- Beatriz and Batok are among the prettiest reefs. Twin Rocks and Mainit are nice too but viz isn't always great enough for wide angle shooting. I very rarely bring my wide angle lens to Anilao. Request a good spotter from the resort you're diving with if you wanna see more cool critters. In Anilao dive masters / guides are different from macro spotters. Enjoy Anilao
  4. Hi, can anyone recommend a good dive operator for the Cenotes out of Playa del Carmen or Cancun? Looking for someone who will know the best ones to take photos at! (Know there are existing threads on this, but they're a few years old already!) Thanks!
  5. Squalo, I know this feeling!! Caught a slot opening for the Lembeh Shootout! It's not a full workshop, but sounds like some good fun and get to meet Alex Mustard too! (Hi Alex!!!)
  6. Nauticam acknowledged "unauthorized use" in their emails to those of us affected (that's what they called it). So regardless of whatever reasons you guys are dishing out to tell us we shouldn't have complained about it, Nauticam eventually acknowledged that they should have asked for permission. They didn't say "alleged unauthorized use" or "perceived unauthorized use" which is what a lawyer would insist on using, right? They plainly said it was unauthorized use. So let's put it to rest. Both parties agree that it was unauthorized use. Also, I'm an amateur / hobbyist. Never claimed to be a professional.
  7. Hi Ryan, You posted one of my photos on your webpage. It's been taken down since I posted it on the original Wetpixel FB post of Julian. I don't mean to belabor this issue. And I'm not angry, I just hope you understand why there was a number of people who got upset about this. (And based on your statement, I think you understand some points, but I also think you miss out on some... so as one of your customers, allow me the opportunity to speak up a bit for my fellow customers...) I can understand the technology behind it, that it was an app/plug-in that just pulled photos from Instagram based on hashtags (#nauticam and #cameramodel), which you guys then used to filter and show on the relevant page. You guys gave proper attribution, so I don't think there was any intention to infringe on copyrights. As an amateur photographer, you're right in saying that "this provides a great avenue for exposure outside instagram, which in theory everyone benefits from". It is definitely something I would have been happy about -- it's validation that it was a good photo. The unhappiness with the situation though, came from a few things -- 1. It wouldn't have taken much effort to message the owners of the photo to either ask for permission or even let them know about it. You already chose photos, what's a little effort in asking? When someone shares or re-posts one of our social media posts, we get alerted to it. There was no such alert for when it was re-posted on your website, so we couldn't possibly speak up if we thought it was inappropriate. You made the decision on appropriateness for us. It is false for you to say "The instagram poster has complete control over the image," when we had no clue that you used it. 2. When our image was used, you guys put it directly on the page where the housing we use is advertised. That's clear commercial use. It isn't just a general / generic promotion, it was to help you guys sell more. Essentially, in marketing lingo, it was a testimonial for your product (an unpaid one). You could say, "Well, how is that different from leaving a review on a hotel site?" or "You already posted it on Instagram anyway using our brand hashtag" But it is different, because you do recognize that it does have some commercial value as "it takes down some of the intimidation factor associated with complicated gear, and makes what we do approachable and attainable." It's different because it's our work (which you agree to) and the proximity to the "Add To Cart" button, how the image and the caption are separated by the price and the "Add to Cart" button... It was clearly laid out to help Nauticam sell more. You have brand ambassadors, and I'm sure you compensate them (in some way, shape or form) for the commercial purposes they serve. I'm not saying that our photos are up there with your ambassador's photos, but you thank them in some way shape or form for their commercial contributions to your brand. Why is it any different for us normal customers? 3. Yes, we used the #nauticam. We may have had different reasons for using that hashtag, but your tone seems to indicate that it is a one way street... "because they want an association with your brand,"... Yes, we wanted to associate our photos with the gear that we purchased, but let's not make it seem one-sided here... that it is only to our (your customers') benefit that we use the hashtag. In this day and age, it is part of your brand equity, part of your social media footprint, and part of some marketing campaign that it is used. (Well clearly, you saw the value in it -- since you used it to get photos for your website... and you also want that association with your brand.) 4. We are your customers. I believe we all bought our housings, ports, etc from you. I like the housing I have, and the images I get out of it. I paid money for it. I'm not sure exactly what transpired between you and Julian, but as far as I'm concerned: a. Your apology is half-hearted, full of rationalizations and defense mechanisms like "What better association is there than having that image fed into the brand web page?" or "If they no longer wish to have that association, they can remove it, or refrain from using it" b. Since it's been brought up - have you actually remedied it and apologized directly to those who spoke out today? Have you already tried reaching out to each instagram account affected? It's hard to believe that you really understand or that you're really sincere, if apologies are issued just here in this forum. So far, you've only mentioned Julian. As a company that is built on photographers and by photographers, it's surprising you guys took this so lightly. Or that you guys are so dismissive of the validity of our concerns. This isn't going to make me stop using the housing, ports and all the other Nauticam gear I have -- I paid good money for it. I enjoy using my kit. But it doesn't make me love you guys either.
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