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  1. Hi guys and thank you very much for your help wolf i agree that external auto mode is the best way for the pictures. also a photographer of mine here in greece told me to use the strobe with the manual mode which means 1/4,1/8 or the full power. but i think this way needs a lot of experience. the weekend i will try to go to take a lot of pictures so i will try to make my best. i like very much macro photos do you know any secret about the apperture;
  2. Hi, I'm a newbie to UW photograpy and I'm hoping the folks on this forum can help. I have an Oly C-7070 with an Oly PT-027 housing and one week ago i bought the inon flash d 2000(i hope that i made the right choice). does anyone could help me and tell me some information about the setup of my camera and the setup of the strobe, so i can start and take some good pictures? also do i have to put the screw so i turn off the advanced cancel circuit that has the strobe light???????????
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