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  1. Hi all, haven't gotten much interest in these items. Really don't have a need for these so offer what you can and we can figure things out!
  2. Doing some cleaning around the apartment and it would be great if these went to someone who will use it...otherwise they will go in storage. Shoot me an offer and I'll respond pretty quickly =)
  3. Bumpy Bump, shoot me some offers if you think the price is unreasonable. Thanks!
  4. Hi Sam, Sorry I didn't see your reply until now. Shoot me a PM and we can work out details if you'd like. Thanks!
  5. Hi all, I recently purchased some toys while in Germany but I am pretty certain I'll never use so hopefully they will find their way to a new loving home. These are all brand new with original packaging. The following are for sale: Nauticam C815-F Focus Gear for Canon EF 8-15mm F/4L $245, $185OBO Nauticam C163II-F Focus Gear for Canon EF 16-35 F/2.8L ii $225, $165OBO Nauticam NA-5DMKIII Camera Tray $120, $90OBO (This would be good to have as a spare in case the pin breaks or the lever is damaged) Shipping to the US ONLY Please let me know if you have any questions. Happy shopping!
  6. I have a couple lying around that I am not using, PM me if you are still looking for some!
  7. Sure, see attached! These are some pics I took with that setup (I didn't have the video lights attached) during a freediving trip two weeks ago off Lone Point in Santa Catalina island. I am still very new to photography in general, so I'm sure there could have been things I could have done better. Uploader won't let me upload any files larger than 1000kb so sample pics were cut out
  8. I ended up getting a used YS-D2 and it has been great, took it diving several times and fired hundreds of times (300+). Compact and powerful, though I think the Z330 has the same footprint, if not smaller. I ended up getting a double armed tray (off amazon, really basic) with 1" ball mounts on either side for two video lights while the strobe is mounted on the cold shoe on the PT-058 housing and couldn't be happier!
  9. I think that depends on the housing you have and camera, I think certain housings (Subal, Sea & Sea, etc) can utilize the your camera's built in flash to trigger a strobe like the UFL-3. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, please.
  10. There's likely a factor of safety built into the 45m depth rating, but I would not risk finding out. I believe Nauticam and Recsea both make housings for the TG-5 with depth ratings up to 100m so that might suit your needs better.
  11. Hey OwensLyonDiver, did you ever finish setting up your rig? I'm kind of on the same boat, I have a TG-5 with PT-058 housing and I love it. I am reading up on what strobes to take a closer look at and in all likelihood will end up picking up some used Z240's I think. I'd be curious what you end up getting!
  12. Hi all, Lurked on Wetpixel for the past couple weeks looking at the classifieds section. New to UW photography and just recently got a TG-5/PT-058 housing. Kind of exploratory at this stage but ended up picking up a Weefine ringlight for some macro shots and would like to do more WA so I'm looking to piece together some better lighting. I exclusively freedive currently, considering scuba cert to make photography a lot more manageable.
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