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  1. I use Nauticam D7100 for my D7200 and am less than impressed. Talking from experience of 7 years of using my last Subal, I found Nauticam unergonomic, poorly designed and not very long lasting. Might be good for some, but not for my type of diving. Add poor customer service (last turnaround time was 2 months), you end up paying significantly more than Subal.
  2. So it looks like I've joined an elite club of photographers whose images were used without the consent. Site owner send me FB friend request and this is how I found out my image on a site. Image was not altered in any way with copyright in place which is the case for other images at the site. If the gentleman asked for permission, it would be granted anyway. What ticked me off is the copyright notice on the site: "Every HTML-Code, every design, every text, all graphics, every range, every layout and every Software Copyright © 2005 Ingo Arndt-Webdesign. All rights reserved. The copying or reproduction (including the printing on paper) of the whole website or parts of it is only approved, after written arrangement. Any other use of materials on this Site or information - including reproduction, the retransmission, modification and publication for any purpose other than those stated above is prohibited, ; webdesign.de Wasserwelt.org or has the prior written consent - and is only allowed if Ingo Arndt accepts it in a written form." Anyone has experience with this guy? I'd be surprised if he gets any gain of it, so won't go too hard on him.
  3. A friend has Subal CD20 in nearly perfect condition. Let me know if you're interested, I'll have you connected.
  4. Greetings everyone, For sale: Canon 5D (Mk I, body only) Subal CD5 housing with GS-180 viewfinder Spare o-ring for housing Images to follow. If required I can throw in flat port FP-84 to give you quick start. Price: $2000 + shipping from Dubai, UAE. I accept bank transfer payment.
  5. I wouldn't worry too much about it, there are far more strategic projects in Saudi which are way behind.
  6. Maybe you could send a copy of your mag to every wetpixel member? That would be very good promotion.
  7. dragan

    Subal CD5

    I'm selling my Subal CD5 with Canon 5D body only for $2500. Comes with standard viewfinder and Nikonos 5-pin sockets. GS180 viewfinder available as an option. I can also add FP-84B or FP-140 flat port if required. Would consider selling housing separately.
  8. I have Subal CD20 in very good condition. Open to offers. [EDIT] Can also throw in flat port Subal FP-140
  9. That name rings a bell. Some 4-5 years ago I wanted to upgrade my Olympus C5050 housing to TTL and was dealing with same person. I could get a spare back, so I asked if I could send the back only in order to keep shooting. Shipping from exotic countries is quite expensive and I could have beaten turnaround time which was over 2 months. I received rather impolite oneliner to send the whole thing. I expect to read few replies how important is to test the whole system, but if you can build to required tolerance that should not be the case. Bottom line is, if your quality sucks, your user interface shouldn't.
  10. Canon 100mm would be my first choice. I believe neither of lenses you are looking into have internal focusing, so subjects might be to close to the front element. In case you need it, Canon AF is much better in low light conditions.
  11. Works as advertised. Gave the circuit board good soak in isopropyl alcohol, left it for a day and air dried it. Thanks guys.
  12. Strobe output with FP sync is considerably lower than X-sync (and it is further reduced with increase of shutter speed). It might have some niche applications, but I don't think it would be useful in counterlight situations we like to shoot underwater.
  13. The battery is fine. I soaked the board and cleaned the terminals. Let's see how it goes. After 2 years and 300+ dives without any alert from the leak detector, now I agree, never leave your home without one. Thanks.
  14. I had minor leak in my 5D housing and leak detector saved the day, camera and lens are fine. However, my leak detector keeps on flashing any time I put the battery in. I believe leak detector has not been flooded since it was very minor leak with few drops inside the housing. I used a hair dryer to dry the interior of the housing and kept it in air-con premises for 4-5 days, but light keeps on flashing. Any ideas or suggestions (apart from getting new leak detector)? Now I am believer, don't want to dive (too much) without one. Many thanks, Dragan
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