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  1. Can you clarify the "recent announcement" comment? Has Ikelite issued some kind of port exchange for some 105VR ports?
  2. I agree with everything said about the 60mm but get the 105mm anyway, it's the bomb! Glad to add to your confusion. The more lenses the better anyway.
  3. Red Hind - Page 159 Reef Fish ID 3rs Edition
  4. Longer is better. The (2) 8" arms will work but if you have longer arms, take them. The 10.5 is so wide, that I was constantly having to adjust the arms to move them behind the 180degree field of view. I am still debating the benifit of diffuser vs no diffusers with the DS125s when shooting the 10.5. Anyone else have an opinion?
  5. The mouth seems more upswept and the limited plumes/appendages makes me wonder if this very red version is something other than a Spotted Scorpionfish from Cancun.
  6. #3 is really nice. Good composition. #2 is good also, how close were the jelly stingers?
  7. Thanks, maybe this will fix the link issue. More Pictures
  8. D200 in Ikelite Housing with Dual DS125 Strobes Hope these show up. My Pbase account seems to have issues with the board.
  9. I like the selective focus on #2 and the attention of the fish is on the camera. The coral and subject must limit your composition but I like what you have. Consider a horizontal crop along the bottom to remove the dark void in the bottom right corner. Nice colors on #1 but subject composition could be better. You would think for what these models charge, they could cooperate a little better.
  10. I think the Montastrea annularis is the correct answer. My memory gets worse daily but that seems to be what I remember, the pictures helped. I kept trying to convince myself that the scale of the polyps were larger. Thanks.
  11. I am trying to identify this fairly common species from Cancun/Cozumel. Thanks for any help.
  12. I sold my Oly 8080 rig and bought an Ikelite Housing and Dual DS125 strobes for my D200. This is the first trip out with the rig shooting the Nikor 105VR. I have some more pictures at my website PBASE
  13. Thanks for the contact information. I received a brief reply from Sandy telling me to fax the completed enrollment forms but she did not answer my questions about the form I already sent and I find it really disturbing to deal with a company where I cannot talk to anyone on the phone or get questions answered. I really hate the idea of filling out all that information again, but I think I need to go with a different insurance company.
  14. I wonder if DEPP is still in business. They have not returned email or phone calls and all I get when I call is voicemail.
  15. Good tip, I will keep that in mind as I try it out Saturday. Nothing like 2' vis to make wide angle a challenge.
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