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  1. The Suunto D4 has SOLD, thanks for looking.
  2. I have a lightly used Ikelite sync cord to connects a Sea&Sea strobe to an Ikelite bulkhead. Has been under the water maybe ten times, never flooded. Asking $50 email highsee3@gmail.com if interested.
  3. I am selling a Suunto D4 dive computer. 6 months old, 12 dives, 7 hours underwater. Asking $300. Email highsee3@gmail.com if interested.
  4. I have an Ikelite Sync Cord for Sea&Sea strobes (part #4118.1) for sale. This cord connects Sea&Sea or Inon strobes to an Ikelite bulkhead. It has been used less than 10 dives and my system was never flooded. Reef Photo has them new for $100, you can get this one for $75 and free shipping in the USA. Thanks, Andrew
  5. I found a Sea&Sea strobe cord /N (Nikonos 5 pin) that I bought about a year ago and has never been used. Reef Photo has them for $125, you get this one for $90 and free shipping. Thanks, Andrew
  6. one and only bump after that it goes into the garage. thanks.
  7. Hello folks, I am selling a Nikon 8400. It comes with the original packaging, battery, charger, 1GB CF card, USB cable, AV cable and instruction book. Camera it's self is in excellent condition. Asking $300 firm. PM me if interested. Can provide photos. Paypal only. Thanks, Andrew
  8. interested in Subal housing and a N90s. PM sent
  9. I'm looking for a cheap way to take quality underwater black and white photos. Let me know if you have an old Motor Marine III collecting dust. Would also consider a Nik V w/ 20mm if price was very low or a housing for a Nikon N90 or F100. Thanks, Andrew
  10. I will look into using both (not at the same time). Are there any photos of a wing? I just know that smooth shooting is key to good video and will take the extra steps needed.
  11. anyone use a stabilizer wing for video? I can't find any information on this technique, but I have see a diver with a wing setup. I think I would rather have this over a full on tripod. any information would be helpful. DIY would be great. thanks
  12. Yes, I have seen these more often. I like the sea&sea Nx-100, but you are right, the dome port kills the deal. Ikelite has cheaper ports, so maybe I'll look for an ikelite. I was very close to picking up a Nik V, but got the Nikon 8400 instead. overall, I think the f100's metering system would be very useful, but am open to any sub $500 solution. Not sure what the Nik Vs are going for.
  13. good info. If I can get a cheap enough housing (less than 300 or 500 w/port) I may give it a try. There are a couple of Oahu wrecks that would look great in BW. I, like most I guess, started out in b&w and used to have my own darkroom, but I would most likely use my scanner. It's still fun to develop your own negs and the great part is you have a lot of control over contrast. I've seen a lot of cathedrals at Lanai shots, but no one really does it justice. I think moody, grainy b&w prints could work really well. It can be set up to handle the extreme lighting of the lava tubes. I also think sharks, mantas and whales look great in b&w. The big open ocean stuff doesn't have any color anyhow, just blue. You don't see film, let alone b&w film at all anymore. I think it would be a fresh perspective.
  14. I tried uw photography about 6 months ago. I got a Nikon 8400, Ikelite housing and sea&sea strobe. I dove maybe 8 times with the setup and didn't like it at all (the uw process that is). I have since sold the housing and stobe. no, for some reason I'm thinking about housing my F100. Crazy? maybe. I prefer film (slides) for my landbased work, but that's medium format with a tripod. I was thinking about highspeed black and white film for over at Lanai. How much would it cost to get a used F100 housing? Also, does anyone know how many frames you can really bulk load into a cassette? I know 40 should be pretty easy, but how about 50-60?.
  15. I am selling a slightly used Sea&Sea Ys-110. I have the box and instruction manual. I have used it a few times with a Nikon 8400 and it worked really well in manual mode. I have never used TTL or digital slave with it. Never flooded and ready to go. Asking $450.
  16. Olympus is going to show an updated E-410 DSLR at PMA. It is going to be a minor update to the E-400, but with the added live view feature of the E-330. Olympus has also made a new underwater housing for this camera. It appears that Olympus is the only major DSLR maker to be interested in providing in house underwater solutions. The E-400 itself is the smallest DSLR and the E-410 housing should prove to be quite compact.
  17. yes, xD is a pain, but the cards are much cheaper these days. I'd like to test one of these and see how much past 10m it can go . Olympus is the king of all weather cameras. I have their E-1 and it is a little tank.
  18. that's a good question. It does use folded optics to seal off the lens so it's not going to be super sharp.
  19. Olympus has announced a new stylus, the 770 SW. Biggest news is the increased depth over the old model. it now sports an impressive 10m, this could be a fun little camera. http://www.dpreview.com/news/0701/07012505...stylus770sw.asp
  20. I took a long and hard look at a UW compact solution. I started looking at the Oly 7070, but the Nikon 8400 had a wider lens, more MP on a larger sensor as well as the electronic viewfinder (not used underwater). I used to own the Oly 5060 and while it was a great camera, the optical viewfinder was horrid and I saw the 8400 as a step up in several areas. The 8400 was an expensive camera (MSRP $999) and has a very sweet lens. I've tested it and it resolves as much detail as a 8mp DLSR at ISO 50-100. On top of that, I really liked the Ikelite housing. A two handle tray as opposed to most single handle trays on compacts. A real bulkhead and super thick housing walls. Best of all is a dome port that mounts the Nikon .75x wide angle conversion lens. This puts the 8400 at a very wide 18MM FOV, and I believe this will be at a higher quality than an external add-on lens due to the elimination of defraction via the dome port. It has a decent movie mode and can shoot a very close macro. I am only a couple of hundred dollars shy (okay more like $400-600) of what a DSLR setup would cost, but I didn't really want a large setup. I do a lot of beach diving and have no plans to become a pro. I was supprised that only a handful of people shoot with this setup, but I am very happy thus far. I will see how I do with the YS-110 on full manual and look into installing Heinrich's TTL in the future.
  21. ya, there isn't alot of room inside. I've looked at some photos with the Ikelite's i-ttl system, but can't get a good look at how much electronics are involved. What about the sea&sea converter? This looks like an external device. I've also read a little about the OEM converters, I think they are Heinrichs. Perhaps I can have one of these installed. It's not the end of the world if I don't have it, just thought it would be cool to have a tricked out housing.
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