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  1. Hi everybody, Now that I am the proud owner of a Subal housing for the D700 the above mentioned kit really needs to go. But it has changed a little bit, here goes: It consists of the following items: Nikon D200 body with MB-D200 Multi-Function vertical grip Nikon 10.5mm Fisheye Underwaterhousing Hugyfot HFN D200 with two handles 360 degree viewfinder Hugyfot Viewfinder Leakagewarner D200 Hugyfot (not working but can be fixed) AF Lock Hugyfot AF/MF Switch Hugyfot Lens Release Hugyfot 2 x Flash connection 5-pins for Nikon Domeport fisheye Hugyfot L 25/ D 174 Flatport Hugyfot L 90/D 100 Extension ring Hugyfot 20 mm Extension ring Hugyfot 50 mm Stormcase M2500 with foam Micromesh kit for polishing the acrylic dome New price of this kit is over € 7000 and it can go now for € 2500. The D200 body has last year been fitted with new shutter mechanism and was completely checked l, also grips have been replaced. The camera works like a charm. The Fisheye lens is 100% okay, no scratches and the optics are like new. The Hugyfot housing is absolutely watertight but looks used. The last 2 years it has only been used in the pool. The acrylic dome needs a new polish, I did it myself 2 times and it always come out like new. The Micromesh kit for this comes with the deal. The Macro port has some scratches although they never were visible in my photos. I also have for sale a Nikon 80-200 2.8 D that is not included in the kit. The lens is in perfect working order and only has a few marks at the front where the hood is placed. The glass is 100% okay. It goes for €750. I have high res photos of all items, just mail me at aaamulder@googlemail.com for more info. I am still located in Cologne in case anybody is in the area. Best regards Arjen
  2. Yeah I guess my own question wasn't too clever either since I didn't mention any asking price (should spend less time behind this bloody screen...) Anyway, to clear things up and to, hopefully, improve my chance of selling the lot, I was thinking in 5500 euro for the lot, inclusive a vertical grip for the D200 (not mentioned in the list). If anyone is interested in the kit without the D200 body I am willing to consider. Cheers
  3. Hi Gadi, Thanks for the post, your photos give a better impression of the housing then the ones on the Sea and Sea website. What converter is that you are using? Are you using any domeport yet? I am interested in the Optical Dome Port, wanna use it with 10.5 mm and 12-24 mm. Does anybody know if this one port is good for both lenses?
  4. An update, beter late then never: I signed up with www.kameraversicherung.de and the policy looks very solid. The insurance is very comparable to the Publieke Omroep/DSV Assurantieen one and covers any stupity (which is the main reason of flooding). So far didn't claim anything (Thanks God) but feels secure. Price: for 15.000 worth insured costs 357 euro a year, incl. VAT
  5. Just wondering people; why don't I get the reactions I was expecting? Is it my location in Germany? Is it the price? With some feedback I could work things out. Best regards, Arjen
  6. Hi everybody, I have my complete U/W photography kit for sale. It consists of the following items (all with new price in euro behind it): Nikon D200 body 1500 euro Underwaterhousing Hugyfot HFN D200 2570 euro 360 degree viewfinder Hugyfot Viewfinder 800 euro Leakagewarner D200 Hugyfot 115 euro AF Lock Hugyfot 95 euro AF/MF Switch Hugyfot 95 euro Lens Release Hugyfot 95 euro Flash connection 5-pins Hugyfot 210 euro 4 x Flash arm 50 cm Hugyfot 520 euro Flash arm 31 cm Hugyfot 125 euro Flash arm 11 cm Hugyfot 110 euro Power closing Hugyfot 300 euro Domeport fisheye Hugyfot L 25/ D 174 420 euro Flatport Hugyfot L 90/D 100 185 euro Extension ring Hugyfot 20 mm 150 euro Extension ring Hugyfot 50 mm 160 euro Strobecase Subal SN-800 611 euro Strobecase Subal SN-800 611 euro Strobe Nikon SB-800 349 euro The total new price is 9021 euro. Selling price is negotiable. As you can see it’s really complete. I am also willing to sell it without the D200 body. Please contact me at penkeekproduksions@hotmail.com or just call to +49 (0)221 1689 6187. I am living in Cologne. Selling in Holland, Belgium or a very big part of Germany is no problem. Best regards, Arjen
  7. Hi Vincent, Here's the URL: http://www.dsv-insurance.nl/ Ask for Maarten. You can ask him to look for my old policy (Arjen Mulder, Nuenen).
  8. Alright guys, thanks for the advice. I am gonna dive into it and hopefully enclose an insurance a.s.a.p. I'll let you know....
  9. Morning, Just moved to Cologne a few weeks ago and I am trying to find a new insurance for diving and camera equipment. In the Netherlands I was very pleased with my 'Schox' continious dive and travel insurance and my camera equipment was insured with the 'Publieke Omroep/DSV Assurantieen'. The latter was a professional camera insurance that reimbourses all your lost/stolen/dropped or drowned gear for the new value of it. However, if you leave the country, these insurances can no longer be kept. For the dive insurance I am pretty sure I'll go for DAN (not 100% sure yet) but more important I find the camera insurance. The most that I know only give a percentage of the new value in case of a claim. However, you all know that most of the expensive lenses and body's keep their value for a long time. Not to mention the housings. Here's what I want to insure: - Diving accidents, both around the corner and anywhere in the world (of course without any stupid depth or gear limits) - Preferably as well normal travel accidents and thefts and all that comes with it - All camera and housing gear, total value of around 12000 euro, insured for accidents while diving (dropping it over Ras Mohammed, flooding it by your own stupidity, theft etc) but also if I drop some stuff here in my house. And I want it to be insured for the new value at all times. I hope that there's anybody with similar wishes living in Germany that can advise me somehow. Thanks for your help!
  10. Hi all, I have been reading for some time through Wetpixel.com but never placed any topic. I am a fanatic Dutch diver who just moved to Cologne in Germany. In The Netherlands I knew my way about very well since I was the sales rep of 8 major brands (Cressi, Green Force, Polar Bears, Typhoon, Divesystem, Ocean Reef a.o.). Now that I live in Cologne however I have to explore the diving scene again. I hope that there are some fellow U/W fanatics living in Germany who can help me out with something. Please read my first topic. Cheers, Arjen
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