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  1. Canon 20D, ikelite housing w/ttl, canon 17-85 IS lens, ikelite dome port for 17-85, ikelite ds125 strobe with battery, extra strobe battery, ttl cable, ikelite modular strobe arm set, diopter, ikelite smart charger (new style), pelican case with padded divider set, 3 2gig CF cards, 1 1gig CF card, several extra o-rings for all. This is an awesome rig - comes with ALL you need to take professional quality pics. Many thousands invested in this setup - all the best gear with no shortcuts. Condition of all items is EXCELLENT - never any leaks, always taken care of. I've only used this setup a dozen times or so - selling only because this is really more horsepower than I need given that we only go ocean diving a few times per year. All items function as they should and include original boxes and instructions. Camera has a total of 4k clicks - underwater equip much less (probably around 700 clicks underwater). Price for complete setup is $2300.00 + insured shipping. I'll ship only in US - sorry, no shipment/sales outside USA. You are perfectly welcome to come inspect in person - we are 15 miles from Indianapolis. I will also send photos via email to interested parties. email is best way to reach me, we'l exchange phone numbers if you have specific questions. Happy and safe diving to you all!! Michael ulflyer@insightbb.com
  2. PM sent on the 17-40
  3. Bump - - still available This will make someone a GREAT deal on a GREAT camera. Going to auction site next week - dont miss your chance to get it for less!!
  4. I will take some photos of the items. Should anyone desire to see photos, please PM me your email address and I will get them sent your way. Thank you.
  5. Complete Canon system for sale. Used only a few times - selling only because I received a DLSR setup as a gift and no longer need this setup. To follow is a list of all the items included - as well as their current price (checked prices today). Sell price for all at bottom. Canon A540 6mp camera - $170.00 2GB sd card - $39.00 WP-DC2 housing - $165.00 Extra o-ring for housing - $22.00 Inon AD lens mount base for WP-DC2 - $65.00 Inon UWL-105AD wet-mount lens - $259.00 Inon D-180 Strobe - $459.00 Inon -.5 diffuser (with external auto accomodation) - $34.00 Inon optical kit (with mount, cable, clear-photo system) - $89.00 Ikelite single handle tray assembly - $59.00 UCLS AD-IN ball-mount adapter for strobe - $25.00 TOTAL VALUE = $1386.00 All items are in TOP CONDITION. No scratches, dings, nicks, or imperfections. This stuff is all within 6 months old and I take excellent care of my items. Selling for $693.00 - this is exactly 1/2 of new cost. Let my loss be your gain. This is a SUPER system that will make the new owner very happy. Dont miss your chance to save MANY hundreds of dollars. Paypal is fine - you are responsible for shipping charges and paypal fees. Merry Christmas to ALL!!! Michael
  6. Brand new - never been in water - housing for a sony dsc-h5. Now shooting Digital SLR - dont need this housing. Retail is $750 - I paid over $700 (have receipt). Warranty card has not been filled out - you will get full factory warranty when you send in the completed card. Ikelite product is TOP SHELF - dont miss your chance to own this for a steal - selling for less than dealer cost!!!! Includes all items that come new - diffuser, lens cap, instructions, ikelite box, grease, extra plungers, flash blocker, dual handle tray, blank warranty card. Priced to move at $525 + shipping. Paypal accepted, but additional charge for fees (if applicable). Best online price is from B&H at $659 - you can own this brand new one for less!! Will consider trade for strobe(s), dive computer(s), or other items of equal value to the housing. Thanks for looking - I hope there is someone out there looking for one of these!
  7. We're going to Bermuda next week diving - - so I "took the plunge".....Bought an ikelite housing, a 10-22 canon lens, and a Canon 20d. Up for sale is the rig I used before the purchase.... Canon a540 camera, canon wp-dc2 housing, sea&sea wide angle adapter (affixed to the housing), and a Sea&Sea 20mm wide angle lens. Lens wet-mounts, you can shoot with or without it (when shooting with, you need to zoom in ever so slightly to remove vignette - but it still has a very nice wide angle that shows significantly more than without it). Around 1500 or so pix on this rig - probably around 20 dives. I have the boxes, instructions, accessories etc for both the camera and housing. Takes great pix and is quite versatile with wide angle attachment. New cost was $179 + shipping for the housing, $259 + shipping for the camera, $50 for the adapter, $165 for the 20mm lens (bought it used from a friend). I'll sell the whole package for $450, and will throw in a Magic Filter for free. Drop a line if interested - - we'll be on vacation from 9/16 - 9/23 and will not have access to email, but will be available prior to leaving and after return. This is a great rig at a great price! Thanks! Michael P.S. - Everything is in great condition and is ready to go diving!!
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