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  1. I am not able to afford all the complexity, weight etc of a full SLR rig with attendant lenses and mega-housings. So I am looking for guidance please on what digital cameras - as of today, i.e. August 2007 - allow the user to control the aperture down to say f20, so as to as be able to place the subject against very dark background (the holy grail of "negative space").... Also it would be great if I could find such a camera that had the option of saving the picture data in RAW format (rather than JPEG only). As I understand it, I am looking in effect for a "semi-pro" kind of point&shoot camera (with associated housing). Up to now I have only used SONY and Canon p&s cameras, with one or two Epoque strobes (triggered via fiber-optic cable). The SONY W17 model (now obsolete) was nice in that it allowed one to stop down to f10 (albeit in telephoto mode). Sadly though mine died recently following a housing flood (most likely due of course to an O-ring failure). Am I seeking the impossible? All suggestions most welcome! Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello all My name is Tony and I am from Guildford in the UK. I qualified as a diver (PADI OW and AOW) in Jan 2002 with the rest of my family. We have each done between 150 and 200+ dives each in that time, and qualified on Nitrox too. I started to take some u/w pictures on a basic Sea&Sea MX5 35mm film camera in the Maldives and the Red Sea in the following year (2003). Since then, I have moved on to digital, of the point & shoot variety - so far - all SONY brand cameras; I started on a DSC-P10 but moved up to the W17 model for the benefit of a 2.5" LCD monitor, faster shutter response and above all the ability to force some manual control. Now we also have a similar W5 model, and 2 housings, so that each buddy pair can take a camera rig if they like. Each rig has a bracket and arm, and we have started to use Epoque strobes with them. This year I got an Inon wide-angle lens too, which push-fits on to the SONY housing using a simple adapter. Our diving experience so far has included: two weeks on the Northern Red Sea (on a liveaboard); four weeks in the Maldives (island-based and liveaboard-based); Sabah (Layang Layand and Mabul/Sipadan); N Sulawesi (Tasik Ria, and Kungkungan Bay at Lembeh); the Laccadives; and most recently Bali (including a week at Menjanagan, with trips to Puri Jati and Secret Bay as well as diving Menjangan Island itself, followed by a week on the splendid Komodo Dancer liveaboard). Recently I invested in a day's course with Martin Edge, who recommended that I also consider looking at this forum. I'm looking forward to picking up the benefit of as many hints and tips as I can find! Right now I am a little puzzled by red filters, and wonder how the Magic Filters released by Alex Mustard compare with SONY's own red filter .... TonyF
  3. The EXIF data on the smugmug site for the Mola Mola shots reports a Canon Powershot S80 was used. TonyF
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