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    Photographing people and large marine beasts in the liquid environment. Interested in Fine Art photography involving water. Previous Academic Director for a college photo program in Austin. 40 years of professional experience and counting.

    Former member of PADI, ASMP (Life Member), Licensed US Coast Guard Captain, TWIC holder and generally all around fun guy. Getty Images content provider. College photography professor while maintaining advertising/corporate photography business.

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    United States
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    Canon 5D MkII & Mk III (Reformed Nikon user after 25 years)
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    Ikelite & Nikonos
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  1. No water for two years, time to let her go. Entire package deal, good starter outfit: Canon 5d body, Aquatica housing, macro & dome ports with port extenders for Canon 100mm macro, 16-35mm plus Aquatica #18456 16.5mm port extender; dome covers, gears for Canon 100mm, 16-35, 15mm fisheye, spare o-rings, Ikelite DS-125's charger, dual sync and single sync cord, plenty of ball joint strobe arms, 2-18" and 4-6" sections, aim light holder. Housing overhauled, brought to factory specs in 2010 after last dive. Pelican 1620 case with wheels, loaded just under 50 pound limit. You name it, it's probably in this kit. Ready to hit the water...all you need is a lens and I will consider letting go my 16-35mm. Interested, lets talk. Asking only $3200 including camera body plus shipping & insurance.
  2. Moving inland and everything must go. Sold as total kit perferably. Canon 5D body, excellent condition, charger, spare battery, original box, manual Aquatica 5D Housing w/moisture alarm (never flooded) Dual Nikonos bulkheads 8 inch dome w/shade and neoprene cover (spare dome neoprene cover) Macro port w/neoprene cover Extension tubes for Canon 100mm and 16-35 (Check Aquatica specs for your lens, may work with what you have) Dual sync cord, spare single sync cord Focus gears for Canon 100 and 16-35 Dual Iklite DS-125, charger Universal Technical Lighting Arms, (#17501) Dove tail base, 2-15", Focus light setup (never used) All loaded into a ready for international airline travel Pelican 1620, wheels, handle, padded dividers, loaded to 50 lbs limit. Total new cost over: $5252.00 without the camera Asking $3200 + UPS shipping With Canon 5D body: $4400 + UPS shipping Pictures available, questions answered, contact: Larry Gatz larry@larrygatz.com
  3. Luko, I have decided NOT to sell my 5D housing. At least not until next May, 2010. Came to this decision last night. Good luck withyour search. Larry Gatz
  4. UPDATED: Asking $3500US Buyer pays shipping, and the deal now includes a Pelican 1620 case that has carried my gear around the world and is now ready to go with you! Note: No lens, strobes or arms included. I can assist with arms, etc. Enquire.
  5. Pascal, I have an Aquatica 5D housing with dual bulkheads. Also include dome port & shade, manual focus macro port, extension rings for the 15mm, 20mm, 24mm, 16-35, 17-40, 100, and teleconvertors (3 rings total), port covers, zoom gear for 16-35/17-40, focus gear for 100mm. Housing is in good condition with minimal wear. Never been flooded. I want to sell my 5D body with the housing. (No lens at this time, but I can give recommendations if desired.) No strobes or arms. I use the body on a regular basis...great shape, clean, etc....asking $3500US for the whole outfit...will ship in Pelican 1620 case. You pay shipping...wherever you are. I'm updating my Wetpixel listing for the above...originally asking $4000. Off to Bonaire with the camera and housing all next week...so no sale until I get home Sept. 19th! Larry Gatz
  6. As a professional dealing with my images being used exclusively in printed matter, I can tell you with a considerable measure of certainty that whoever asks amateurs (regardless of how nice the images are) for CMYK conversions does not know what they are doing. I would run, not walk away. The correct color space for web/emailed images is currently sRGB. Photoshop and most cameras come with sRGB as the native color space...sRGB is also one of the smallest color spaces. Anyone using camera RAW files and adjusting on a computer would be well advised to make the preferance change within Photoshop to a wider color space...ProPhoto or Adobe1998 for example. If you enter a contest online, sRGB is what you should use. Adobe1998 offers more color, but will get clipped when used for email or web presentation. CMYK is strickly a printers color space...and I do not mean your desktop Epson, HP or similiar...CMYK is for commercial printers. Normally the printer will accept your image file and make the conversion of the file using their own printers characteristic. If you want to make the CMYK conversion you MUST get the info from the printer and know what printer the final will be printed on. You also are accepting the responsibility for the color at that point...so don't complain. This all gets very technical very fast as you can imagine...Photoshop offers a conversion utility that is very good, but you need to understand how to use profile selection, soft proofing and out of gamut display. Thus...not something most amateurs want to spend the time investigating. Colormatch RGB comes pretty close to approximating the look of CMYK...but not exact. Best way to have some assurance, not 100%, that your image will be printed as you want is to include a proof print...a hard paper copy that you like...so the guy standing at the press knows that that starfish really is blue and not pink. You can have a "contract proof" made locally from your file to send along if the repro is really important and the color needs to be exact...expect to spend $100 plus for the proof. Call a local printer with questions about how to go about this if you have the need and the money. Larry Gatz
  7. I have to agree, you are asking for a lot of camera for very little money...especially considering the trips you mention in your post. I have a great set up 5D, Aquatica with ports, shade, everything you need...minus arobe arms and strobes. I'll negotiate a bit but you are currently asking to pay 25% of my asking price. Come back with a reasonable amount and we shall talk. Larry Gatz 305-751-5007
  8. This is your chance to make one purchase and be ready to hit the water. Recently moved up to 1DsMkIII and the Canon 5D is looking for a new home. Well cared for camera and Aquatica 5D housing. Selling large dome, shade,neopren covers, gears for 16-35 & 100. Dual strobe ports. Probably 300 dives on housing...shows some scuffs, no serious cuts, etc. Never flooded. Asking $4,000 for everything. No strobes or arms included. Larry Gatz Miami
  9. Brian, What exactly is left? Anything? With all the posts I'm confused...housing, ports, gears...? Larry Gatz
  10. Not wishing to sound insincere, and the previous post is good info...but my advice is not to get your self all worked up and worried about the current...settle down and make your self relax. Take a meter reading of the blue. Bump the ISO to 200/250. Greatthing about shooting digital is you get toreview your images immediately...take the time to look at the display. Slow down....you'll be there for more than one dive. That said...on my first dive with hammerheads...the whale shark showed up. Shoot RAW...it just might save your best file. Larry Gatz
  11. FOR SALE: Aquatica 5D, Dome w/shade, flat port, extensions rings. $2700 ALSO well maintained Canon 5D body $1500. (No Strobes or arms.) You will need a lens and appropriate zoom gear. Perhaps 250-300 dives on housing. Package Price $4200 plus shipping. If interested, call 305-751-5007 or reply here..but if you'er really interested I'd call. Larry Gatz Miami
  12. just back from Idonesia and trading up, so the Aquatica 5D housing (black) acrylic dome/shade, flat port must go. All in fine working order, no problems. Keeping gears and extension rings. $2800 plus shipping. Larry Gatz 305.751.5007
  13. Brian, I live in North Miami...like to come up and take a look. So happens I'm shopping for a 5D housing. reply: wetpixel@larrygatz.com Thanks, Larry Gatz
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