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  1. I really like the video but was surprised when you said the stabilisation in 4K is no goo, that you used no lights whatsoever and you colour corrected in post.

    * Why didn't you use the white balance of the camera?

    * Also, why didn't you use any light?


    I'm thinking in stepping up from a GoPro and thought of this camera for 4K video but seeing your comment I'm having second thoughts.

  2. Last year a couple of friends and myself went on a diving trip to an unforgettable country called Bonaire, the world's paradise of shore diving.


    If you're thinking in going do not hesitate, I totally recommend you going, between the "on your own" type of diving, the quality of its reefs, the atmosphere and if you add to all that, good food, lovely locals and a couple of cultural things to see ... what else do you need?.


    Here you have the underwater video of that trip, recorded with my then newly purchased GoPro 7 as my Xiaomi Yi 4K died only a month prior. It wasn't the best idea to debut a camera on a trip but I had no other choice.


    I hope you enjoy it as much as I did recording it.


    Take care.



    PS: constructive criticism is welcome


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  3. Hello everyone,


    I'm new to this forums, I actually discovered it via a friend of mine who himself discovered it by mistake as there's a Spanish website called wetpixel.es also about scuba diving video from a reknown videographer.


    I'm starting in underwater video and want to learn more in order to improve. My current setup is the following:

    * Camera: Xiaomi Yi 4K

    * Lights: 2 x Archon D32V 2800 lumens


    I'm in the process of getting a sony RX100V for its video capabilities so if anyone know of any tips I'll gladly appreciate them.


    Thank you very much for accepting me and happy diving.

    PS: my instagram is @mdbuceo if you wanna check my progress

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