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  1. I am interested, are you willing to ship to Australia ? And you have any photos you can send. Sent from my LG-D855 using Tapatalk
  2. Well done. Thats good customer support.
  3. Corrosion will alway happen then you take something in salt water, most manufacturers have zinc anodes to corrode thereby protecting you housing does your have any zinc annodes ?
  4. I have never heard of this problem, while I shoot single sync cords, I have had friends shoot with the dual and do no recall they had any issues with their inons
  5. if you do consider spliting i may be interested in the carbon arms.
  6. Sam, Is it possible to us a provide a sketch or plan of the frame size and dimensions of holes etc so we can organise a machinest then to mill up. regards David
  7. Sam, Sensational work. I am interested in how it goes ungerwater. I have the D200 and nexus housing and looking into upgrading to the D300. If this works this could make the change happen alot quicker. Would you be interested in making some others for other people ?
  8. Hi there Espen, I was wondering how the TTL converter is going with the corrosion issue with nexus housing, does the problem appear to be fixed with out the use of nylon screw etc now ?.
  9. I have a Nikon D100 in excellent never used underwater. It comes with original box. I would be thinking $500 Aus$ + shipping. Can contact me before the weekend if interesed otherwise I am away on holidays for a week from saturday on a liveaboard.
  10. Thanks James, So if the close up changing the infinity what is happening to the minium. ie the minium focus on the vr105mm is 30cm so if i put a +2 on does the min focus go to 15cm and infinity goes to 1/2m ? Am i understanding this correct. If the infinity focus is 1/2m or less does this mean the lens cannot be used for taking a shot outside this distance? Well the Aus$ was to good the the US$ so the Nikon 105mm vr lens is on its way.
  11. I have been noticing quite a few people are using close up lenses on macro lenses. ie +2,+4 and +5. My question what is the advantage of using these on macro lenses and also what is the disadvantages, to taking macro photos. I have a 60mmm nikon lens and getting the 105mmvr soon.
  12. Hi Espen, I have the nikon D200 and Nexus housing with the Seas and Sea TTL converter III witn inon z240's, It works great, have not been game enought to try it with out the nylon earthing screw. Waiting to here if there is definatly no corrosion before i test. Killed the TTL converter II with one dive due to having to use metal screw becuase i broke the nylon one. One question Are you shure the TTL converter is not faulty as that could be the problem ?
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