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  1. Guys, guys....that's Old School! Didn't anyone ever teach you the "cross-over" technique? You get much better stobe coverage if you take the left strobe and cross it over to the right. Light travels faster, and further, if the strobe is pointed west.
  2. There seems to be a slight error on the polling system. The lowest you can go is"0". Zero is still a number. I was interested in seeing a Null or Empty set box you could check.
  3. OK then. Thanks. Do you think the housing will be available, or a demo of it at DEMA?
  4. Well, I'm new to Wetpixel (this week). Just learning my way around here, and seeing what your all about. So far, I've been impressed with what I've seen and heard in this forum. Some highly knowledgable and helpful people around. With that said, yes...I'll be at DEMA. If fact, both "Ellis Boys" will be there....wandering the isles (burp), meeting with firends (burp), and seeing if I can get my brother back into Seaworld. He was removed from the park last year. Seems he misunderstood the description of a "blow hole". Poor, poor Shamu! Yeah, we'll be at DEMA.
  5. I already have an investment into an Aquatica housing, dome port and macro port. For a whole series of reasons, I think that I'm going to land on the Canon 400D as my next camera. And since Aquatica is not going to be making a housing for the 400D, does anyone know how or if there is a way to use Aquatica ports on an Ikelite housing? Or am I looking at a complete swap out? I just don't have any experience with Ikelite product line.
  6. I had heard in another post that while the camera may "fit" into the housing, the left side buttons are off-set just enough, or are at an angle that would make them un-usable. For the record, I spoke with Aquatica yesterday. They are not making a housing for the 400D. And it appears Ikelite has at least a line item open in their on-line catalog for a housing. So, maybe at DEMA well see something from them?
  7. Its funny that I'm reading this thread tonight. I'vejust changed over from film to digital in the last few weeks. And after diving for 20 years (geez...I think I just broke my hip leaning over to fart), it was interesing to look over my original prints and slides from back then. Amazing at it seemed, I could recall most of those dive from reliving it through the pictures...pretty cool! And I'll be the first to say it...its a great ego booster! Coming back from a trip with the 1% top drawer images, just makes me feel so damn good. And here is a true "Warm Fuzzy" story - One of the resons I created my web site (H2opictures), was to have a wide ranging outlet for sharing my images. Over the years, I've recieved e-mail's asking for assistance or usage of a image. This one time, you could tell it was a kid who wrote the e-mail. Pretty simple request, he wanted to use some pictures for a report he was doing. As I always do, I fully supported him and made sure he got whatever he needed. Nothing special, just being a good mentor and helping someone who asked for it. Well, I really didn't give it much thought at the time...and a few weeks past. Another e-mail showed up. This time, it was the mother writting me. She went on to explain how happy her son was, and how proud of his report he was. Then the kicker...she then when on to explain that her son was a challenged individual...with a terminal illness. And all she could say was "thank you" over and over again. And how nice it was to have someone, who didn't know her son at all, extend themselves to help. Remember, I didn't think I really did anything special at the time. The whole episode just kinda overwhelmed me.....that's why I do this...that one kid.
  8. "I will not buy anything from Bestbuycamera" <repeat to yourself 20 more times> Shady sales people, mis-representation, and oh the joy of "buyers Remorse"! Ask me how I feel about them...go ahead, ask...I dare ya! A good rule of thumb...check out what you want from B&H. If the price you find is "too good to be true"...IT IS.
  9. Hello All, First time caller, long time listener... I'm Marc Ellis, by day I'm an international training manager. By night, I'm an underwater photographer. I've been diving since 85, certified in 87. I've been riding the waves to the tune of about 1200 dives...give or take a beach dive here and there. Originally from So. Cal.. Grew up diving with Truth Aquatics, and a number of other boats in San Pedro. Through the years, I've managed to hop aboard a few live aboards...Truk Agressor x2 Belize Agressor, Aqua Cat, Nekton Pilot x5, Nekton Rouqal, Caribbean Explorer, Dream Team, The Coral Star...All of which means...I DONT KNOW HOW TO MANAGE MY MONEY! For the most part, I've had a camera in my hand the whole time. Stepping into the "Way Back" machine, the first camera I owned was a housed "disk" camera with a slave strobe. For those of you who have no idea what that is (because its NOT digital!)...think of a small flat camera that used something like a mini-disk with a slide negative at the outermost edge. I think it was 12 or 14 shots. On a negative about 1/4 the size of 35mm. Then came Nikonos II's and V's. Which is where I stayed until this year. I'm really starting on the ground floor in the digital world. I have a Canon d300 (6.3 digital rebel) in an Aquatica housing. I out grew this camera on its' first trip. Too many speed limitations. But oh the joy in being able to take more that 36 shots on a dive...pure heaven!!! The future holds a 20D, 30D or the 400D...$$ and housing availablity will tell... I started a web site, H2opictures.com back in 99. What a great medium to share your images. The site has just completed it first face-lift. So please feel free to drop by and have a peek. Diving is my passion. Work just affords me the revenue to persue it. Well, I'm sure I've shared to much...or have I? Eric, if you actually read these postings...know that I appreciate the time, thought investment and just plain being in a right place at the right time and ready to shoot preparation that are displayed in your top drawer images <applause>. See you all in Orlando at DEMA (I'll be the guy crying at the Aquatica booth) Marc
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