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  1. Thank you for the help. Since I have the Mk1 and might upgrade someday I will give the Sea Frogs a go then, plus the other advantages you mentioned. I'm just getting into underwater photography so wanted to start out inexpensive with what I had. I have lots of experience with photography on land and a few of Nikon DSLRs and lenses just not sure I want to take one underwater yet..
  2. Is the housing still available? I'm guessing the housing works with the Mk1 as that is what you are selling with it?? As I am looking for a Mk1 housing. Are you in the states?
  3. Anyone seen or used the new XTAR lights? For the price looks like a good deal. Thoughts
  4. Anyone know the differences in the two housings? I have an RX100 Mk1 and looking to use it for some Dive Training for our team and just getting started. Thank you in advance..
  5. Hello!!! Terry for Texas, wanting to learn so here I am..
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