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  1. Regarding the USVH housing for the SC100... It's a nice housing, really good ergonomics, and the camera is amazingly good in low light and at rendering reds underwater. I know because we make the housing and I've used that camera a number of times. I wish SONY kept using that CCD chip in its later cameras. It is a digital camera with a minimum lux rating of only 2! The first time Stan Waterman saw that camera being used (in our protoype housing) he was amazed at how well it did in low light. He actually thought the user got some special footage from SONY to fool him. Anyway, the screen in the back is very handy and we make the housing long enough so the LCD can be tilted up slightly. Having said all that... no other camera will fit in that housing and you'd find it nearly impossible to replace the camera if something happened to it. We did some side by side testing underwater with the SC100 and a PC100 (sold in 2000) and the image and overall color is better in the PC100. SC100 wasn't as good at blues and yellows and overall sharpness (small differences). Based on further tests the video images from the TRV30, TRV50 are even better than the PC100. and as others have mentioned, the photos can print larger too. In a few weeks we'll be seeing the TRV70 and in March will be the TRV80. The only thing they appear to have that's any real improvement over the TRV30 and TRV50 is they are both 2.1 megapixel. With the 1.5mp you can print a 5 x 7 inch photo at 200 pixels per inch that looks very nice so the TRV70/80 should be about 30% larger. Here are some samples of photos taken 10 days ago in Cayman Islands by my wife with a TRV50. http://www.underseavideo.com/photos.html Also keep in mind that housings from us and LMI allow you to have a LCD in the back of the housing so the LCD in the SC100 is not too unique in a housing. -Warren USVH
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