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  1. I have a meeting I'm attending for work in Puerto Rico and only have one day free to dive. Are their any worthwhile locations, considering the short amount of time that I have? Maybe Desecheo Island? I also saw something about mantis shrimp on one site that seemed intriguing. Any good macro life there? Any dive operations you would suggest? Cheers, S
  2. I'm going to a wedding in Kawaii on February 19th and tried to search the forum for some reputable diving operations, but no dice. Does anyone have any suggestions on who would take people out for a couple of days? Isn't this whale season? Do they do dives along their routes . . . or is that a totally ridiculous, environmentally insensitive question? Also, I'm flying from their to San Juan, Puerto Rico to give a lecture that same week. What dive operations would you suggest there for one day? Cheers
  3. Christian, From a neophytes point of view: When I look at nudibranch photos, I look for detail and color first, character second. The background detail is almost always a minor anoyance. The less distracting background the better. This nudi isn't perched on anything particularly interesting and s/he isn't posing, so I would prefer a tight crop and zoom in on the amazing detail . . . but that's just me. :shock: Cheers, S
  4. Carl, Stunning collection. I'll have to go for Mr. Pink (Resevoir Dogs reference). I don't recognize that species of crab (or ever would) and I don't care for pink, but that is a truly captivating shot for me due to the colors and crisp lines. Cheers, S
  5. Holy crap sandwich . . . which planet did you find this alien life form? Thanks for sharing.
  6. Yes, the nerve of these damsels not cooperating! S
  7. My favorite of the set. I like the blurred background with the crisp, bright subject (draws your eye without a lot of clutter). Do you have any shots without the coral in the lower left corner (maybe a cleaner look)? Good shot! B) Sean
  8. That hermit has a lot of personality! Vivid colors. Sean
  9. I have a small suggestion. I was interested in viewing your pics (looks like a terrific trip), but 42 pages of images is a bit to wade through. Maybe you could make a separate set of keepers and it would be easier for people to critque, without getting fatigued. Most, look like they were done without a strobe? I like the sea anemone shots, too bad the fish didn't cooperate and hold still. Sean
  10. I really like the subject of the second picture. That darn little fish, near in the right upper portion of the picture (with the diver), is a little distracting for me. I'm sure he wouldn't cooperate at the time and leave his home. I would have liked more of the plane, and less of the divers, as a personal preference. Good one. Sean
  11. I hope I didn't sound too critical. Just some thoughts meant to be constructive. I will be very happy if my pics are 1/2 as good, when I go to Bonaire, next month. S
  12. Good shots. I like the curves of the shark, giving the image a feeling of motion. Also, the deep blue background is impressive. It feels a little boxed in, though. Is this cropped. The space in front of the turtle is another good composition for an action shot. The green moray is a little odd on the lighting, in my opinion. The two tone affect kinda makes it look like its coming out of a second liquid surface. The dolphin looks a little muted, but maybe that was your preference. The grouper has a "mounted on the wall" look (very straight and complete lateral view), but the lighting is good. My favorite is the last shot, good space and positioning of the lone diver. S
  13. I don't know if this is the correct forrum, but here is my opinion on some vendors: Adorama (very good prices, no customer service, not helpful when I sent e-mails, didn't let me know that an item was out of stock that I had ordered) BHphoto (very good prices, not especially helpful by e-mail, helpful by phone with purchase and questions) underwaterdigital (good prices, responsive by e-mail, very helpful) www.underwatercamerapros.com (good prices, very helpful by e-mail and phone; Ryan went the extra mile to get me what I needed prior to a dive trip; he was also up front when he couldn't get me something in time, great guy) I'll post again when I've tried out my stuff in Bonaire Cheers, Sean
  14. I also had better luck with bhphoto. Their customer service was more pleasant. When Adorama was out of stock on an item that I ordered, they neglected to inform me, until I called two weeks later. :angryfire: S
  15. Scuba Kiwi, I empathize with your loss. Last month, I had both my mountain and road bikes stolen from my locked garage in Pacific Heights, San Francisco (supposed to be a decent neighborhood, go figure). Just to make it interesting, they came back two weeks later and stole my briedfcase and cd's out of my pick up truck! :angryfire: Looking forward to your pics on the site in the future. Sean
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