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  1. OK. Great info! I have been reading a lot about the positioning. That is a great point to note about seeing the color being indicative of lack of strobe light hitting it. No clue why I had ISO so high, I'll adjust.

    Thank you for the input! I'm heading back in a few days armed with some better info.

    That would be great to see about some better processing. Just post the raw in the thread?

  2. Finished a trip in Green Island Taiwan and it was the first real trip with my new camera setup. I went from a Nikon D80 to a Nikon D850 in a nauticam housing. Pretty sweet jump.

    These were some of my favorite photos from the trip. I would really like to hear how the pictures could have been made better. I'm heading there again in three days, and would like to be better prepared. Looking forward to learning.

    As an example, I feel the image isn't as crisp as it could on the wide angles, and that maybe I could have done more to bring out the light in the back ground.

    Also, on the clownfish, I've seen some incredibly clear and vibrant pictures of these critters in the anemone, any suggestions for really capturing that?

    Settings: Wide Angle: F10, 1/160, 320 Macro: F18, 1/160, ISO400

    Also, if you're considering a Taiwan trip, it is an amazing place.




  3. Hello WetPixel,

    To start, thank you so much for being a wealth of information in the art of underwater photography. I lurked a lot and am grateful for all of the information available here.


    I’m selling off some gear to make room for my lusty purchase of a new D850 with Nauticam housing. Zoom Gear Rings, Sync cords (ikelite and Sea & Sea), Nikon D80 with Sea & Sea housing, Ikelight DS125 strobes. Equipment condition is all good, and listed. I have done my best to price items appropriately but offers are welcomed! Price List is at the bottom. :)

    Price list and photos are below.

    Ian 321-298-9671



















    You may be laughing at the camera, saying she's an older girl, BUT you can be shooting underwater for less than the cost of one lens! PLUS, this setup is a known fish magnet! And she only brings in friendly sharks and pretty girls, just take a look. ;)



    Fish Magnet!



    Friendly, very friendly shark. ;) (Fun fact: the girl is also pretty under that wetsuit.)



    Pretty girl.


    What more can you want from a camera?

    I will ship anywhere. If you are new to Underwater Photography, I will be happy to be a source of help for as long as you want.


    Now please buy some gear!







  4. When I transitioned from killing fish to photographing fish, I went with a used Nikon D80 with a sea&sea housing and Ikelite DS125. After using this for about a year, it slowly became time to upgrade. The Nikon D80 and I had a great time together, but I just upgraded to a Nikon D850 with a Nauticam Housing and Inon Z330 strobes. Overall, a pretty incredible camera. My first inclination was to buy a Sony A7RIII, (an amazing camera which I have shot above water quite a bit), but due to slow low light autofocus for macro shooting, I passed on it.

    For newbies, unless you have tons of coin to drop, I would recommend just finding an older setup and buying that. Get really comfortable with it, and then take the plunge to a fancier set up. Unless you're already a photographer, it will take you a while to "outshoot" the camera.

    Good luck!

  5. I'm not sure you're open to doing a dive without a charter, but there is some great diving in the Neah Bay area. I'm a Florida resident, but dive that area about 6 times a year. Just find a pulloff with kelp, and hop in the water. Generally many rockfish, lingcod, all manner of crabs, and yes, even the cute and cuddly wolf eel. As a bonus, the drive out is incredibly beautiful. I'm always freediving out there, so I imagine you would have a much better chance of seeing eels and GPO with more time on the bottom. Depth is around 15-35 ft, vis is best on the higher tide.

    On the way out, you'll drive over the Sol Duc river, and there is a pulloff that is a great place to shoot pictures of trout.

    Enjoy it out there!


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