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  1. . How are you connecting the strobes to the camera? Via using fibre optic?


    Fibre optic



    b. You've got the pop-up flash active on the camera, right? Is that working ok?


    Yes it fires. I can see it. It works well


    c. When you fire the camera can you: see the camera flash?


    Yes I can


    d. Can you see the light through the Nauticam housing fibre optic bulkheads?


    Yes it works. It flashes



    e. Can you see the light through the fibre optic cables if you detach them from the strobes and look down them?


    Yes. It lights the little windows in the strobes

  2. Hey guys, I'm gonna cut this short and just explain what's wrong.


    I'm using a Sony Nex 7 + Nauticam housing

    My friend loan me 2 nikon SB N10 strobes for my manado trip which is tomorrow morning


    I have used strobes before, mostly borrowed from friends because I am still saving up for it but the strobes always worked for me.


    So I'm testing out the strobes and no matter what I do, the strobes don't fire. Earlier when I picked up the strobes my friend demonstrated to me & the strobes were working.


    I am desperate for help.


    My camera does not offer much settings for flash or strobes.


    The only thing I have on menu is flash > flash fill / slow sync / auto flash / rear flash. All which I tried and still failed.


    I tried all The strobe settings as well ttl/ttl, manual /full and all the In between.


    Batteries are fresh and new.


    Thanks so much in advance.

  3. Oh crap!


    I've checked out the sites you guys posted and DAMN is it expensive for just the thing that holds the lens there...


    Are there any alternatives like a "fake" non-nauticam one? I don't find anyone selling it second hand either :(


    It's so sad and expensive..,

  4. Hey guys~ I hope to seek for some advice here on the forums, I'm quite desperate.

    I tried google and some sites for help but not much information around.

    Recently, I bought a setup, second hand.


    It is a Sony Nex 7 with nauticam Na nex 7 housing and a port that fits the default lens the camera came with.


    I wanna do macro and I would love to buy a macro lens however, I have no freaking clue what is compatible with what.


    How do i know what is compatible with my housing? I would prefer a wetlens or something attachable to the housing instead of the camera





  5. Hello!

    I'm Amber and i started diving in August under the zero to hero programme. Currently a dive master, i bought a second hand setup which I have no clue what it is.


    After doing some research, I am now able to take quite pretty pictures > instagram.com/muse_junkie


    Please follow me on insta and give me some tips and opinions :D



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