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  1. Hello, I am the owner of a Sony A6300 and I'm planning to purchase a Fantasea housing! I am seriously considering purchasing a homeowner's insurance since this is my first rig. What companies and plans should I be looking at? Cheers! Thanks for the help! -Natasha
  2. Hello, I am very interested in this product. Can you please contact me at natasha.a.hinojosa@gmail.com. By any chance are you selling the camera too? -Natasha
  3. I was about to buy the Sony A 6500/6300 when Nikon announced their newest full-frame mirrorless camera. Should I wait to purchase a mirrorless camera for UWP until then? Or, should I go ahead and purchase the Sony? I've had Nikon for the past 9 years, with my current camera being the Nikon DSLR D7000. I have a variety of lenses including an 18-300, macro 40mm, wideangle Tamron 11-18, and 50mm. Luckily, the Z-series will be releasing an F-mount adapter keeping my DSLR lenses still in good use. The Sony is a cheaper option, and one I don't have to wait for. I can also buy cheaper second-hand accesories with this option What should I do? -Mokarran
  4. Hello! I am just starting out in the UWP world! I will be purchasing my underwater housing soon and was wondering what strobes are good to get for beginners. Is it alright to start with one? or do I need to get two right away? Besides the strobes, what else should I be paying attention to? Cheers, Mokarran
  5. hello! I purchased a Sony A6500 (body) and do not know what lens to buy first. I have read the 16-50 is a good starter, but I just wanted to make sure. What do you suggest? Also, I am between an Ikelite housing and Fantasea Housing (includes ports, gears). Which should I be paying more attention to? Thanks for the help! -Natasha
  6. Hello! My name is Natasha and I am brand new to Wetpixel. I have been wanting to get into underwater photography for the past decade, but I am done pushing it back! I just graduated with my marine biology degree and live in the country of Panama, where I feel I am missing on a lot of UWP opportunities. I am willing to learn everything I absolutely can about this hobby. Look forward to reading your posts! -Natasha Hinojosa
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