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  1. I sold some pictures and videos to them at the start of march, I was adviced payment can take up to 12 weeks but it usually comes sooner, tomorrow marks the 12th week so I should be getting a payment right? Well now the guy I emailed a few days ago is trying to tell me it typically takes 12 weeks but it can take longer it just depends on who buys them, they keep telling me the customers hasn't paid yet but what kind of business lets someone use their videos and photos and go 3 months+ without paying them anything, that's ridiculous that they expect me to believe it On top of that im not being told it will take them 60 days to send me the money when it does finally clear, whenever that may be Any of you have any experience with them?
  2. Zen from the UK here, hoping to pick up some advice on which lens people like to use to shoot in different lighting
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