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  1. Hi, Is a single DS-50 substrobe sufficient to cover the range of focal lengths covered by the 5050 zoom? I'd like to travel with a light weight and easily packable set-up and since I already have the DS-50, will one be enough? If so, the next question is if I add-on a WA adapter, am I correct in presuming that I then will require two strobes for full coverage at the wide end? And, ultimately, would 2 DS-50s be sufficient (they are smaller, lighter and I don't need another charger) Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!! Gerry
  2. Correct me if I am wrong, but is that Eric Cheng in the latest Divers Alert Magazine - in a shark cage - photo by Dave Haas??? Looks like a housed D60 with a nice "L" lens. Nice photo - how about some background on it.
  3. I was doing my weekly search and found this: http://www.underwaterphotography.com/artic...nsea/DX-10D.asp Ever heard of this company? No idea where they are located and they appear to be taking orders for the housing without any up front info on its expected availability. Also, is anyone aware whether a moisture alarm can be ordered with this housing - just curious. Thanks! Gerry
  4. Any idea when Sea & Sea is expected to release their housing for the 10D? Before investing in a housing, I'd like the opportunity to look over as many as possible. Also, other than Ikelite (not yet available), where are the Jonah, UK Germany and Subal housings being sold - is it direct from the mfr.? What about support? How do I know what ports, etc. for the lenses. I have a housed Oly digicam and am a former Nikonos shooter so this whole process of ports, rings,gears and the like is a bit mind numbing for a fella of minimal intellect such as myself. Any help would be MUCH appreciated - Thanks! Gerry
  5. I originally had the DS50 on the arm system that it came with. Not bad, but a ball and joint system is much more maneuverable underwater. I went with ULCS (www.ulcs.com) arms and tray since I can always use them with whatever I may upgrade to in the future. Good luck and enjoy! Gerry
  6. I am planning a 2 week trip to Bonaire and I would like some recommendations about where to stay. Shore diving would be nice right from the hotel, but it's not required. Looking for a "nice" place that caters to divers. Also, any things I should know about? Any times of the year better/worse than others? How big is the theft risk while shore diving? Any input would be appreciated.
  7. Maybe I'm a little nuts, but I have a D60 and opted for the housed 5050 - why? Size, ability to go from macro to zoom to wide without changing ports, lenses, etc. And, although the shutter lag is a bit of a drag, a little practice makes it quite manageable. Also, after spending much $$$ for the D60, nice white lenses, etc., I couldn't justify several thousand more for a housing, two ports, etc. The 5050 and PT-015 is a bargain, especially considering the results many have demonstrated on this forum alone. It's a tough decision, but since I have the 5050 as a "back-up" snapshot camera anyway it was a more fiscally responsible choice. . . . also, if it gets wet, its a $700 loss, not a $2000 body plus $1200 "L" lens loss. Just my 2 cents. Good luck! Gerry
  8. I have a PT-010 as a back-up/pool housing for my C3040. I normally house it in an Ikelite. My wife just got me a new C5050 which I would like to house, but I am concerned who will service all the non-user replaceable o-rings. I know Ike will service anything, no problem. Where would I turn for service on the PT-015?? If there is no way to service these housings in the US, why would I consider it as a primary housing? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks! Gerry
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