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  1. O.K Pamela at Gates gives me the answer: "Outer diameter of the acrylic piece (dome) is 3.550 of both the GP35A and the GP25A. The number corresponds to the back side of the port that attaches to the housing. The 25 is for the 2.5 inch port opening and the 35 is for the 3.5 inch port opening. They are specific to a certain series of housings. The aluminum port shells are shaped a bit differently overall but the front dome is the same size. We try to use the same parts across many products to simplify production." Thanks Pamela!
  2. Hello, Im building an small dome port for a minihousing, and saw at B&H the Gates Replacement Wide-Angle Dome for GP25A Port/GP35A Ports, anyone can tell me the diameters of them? Thanks for the help! Gustavo
  3. yes, thats the idea, small camera on the head, turn it on before going down and thats it. With the memory card cameras is easy to dump the footage in the laptop and cut the unwanted pieces of the video. If your friend don't mind would be nice to see more pictures of the set up, to see how is mounted, etc. The MC1 is nice when you want to control the shootting, frame, zoom, start/stop, etc, but the 10 foot cable is a pain. I like better all in one piece. Already have the Sony CX100 for skydiving use, which is an HD memory stick camcorder, and is just a little bigger than the MC1 head. The GoPro and the like are low resolution, and I want big screen viewing pleasure! Thanks for all the answers, Gustavo
  4. my idea is to make a basic housing, just a tube with the camera inside, no controls, only start/stop... Thanks.
  5. Hi All, I was wondering about making a mini-housing for an small HD camcorder with a fish eye lens, to take point of view video, mounted in a helmet. I only saw pow cams in diving helmets used by working divers, but not self contained camcorders. The housing can be like a canister light, 3 or 4 inches wide and 6 inches long, not too big, and shouldn't be too cumbersome to use, or not? The idea is to use it when I don't want to carry a big housing with arms, lights, etc, or want to have the hands free, or for technical dives, or caves or wrecks... I would like to hear your opinions about it. Thanks, Gustavo
  6. I make a custom made handle with aluminun and works perfect for handlers on boats and swim underwater too... Gustavo guscabana.com
  7. Hello All, just my first post at Wetpixel and I like to share my experience with the Mistral. I was interested in trying a double hose because I have sensible ears and hate the noise, and bubbles on my face. I went to Bahamas with Blackbeards and take it along with my Apeks. I put the comfobite but without weight was hard on the teeth. Then I attach a pound soft weight below the mouthpiece and was perfect. I get used to the hard breath but love the silence and clear vision. Later I tried again with rings in the hose but wasn't as good as the weight at the mouthpiece. Now I wonder if I can use the Apeks first stage and connect it to the second one of the Mistral, but I suppose they work at different pressures? Thanks to Wetpixel for all I learning in my relatively new underwater photography world. Gustavo Cabana Argentina/Spain guscabana.com
  8. Hello, Im going on a trip soon and I want to dive with my D70. Not want to spend much, please send offer to guscabana@hotmail.com Thanks! Gustavo
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