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  1. Thanks Gerard, read through all the threads, seems like a +2 diopter may help a little. I think stopping down below f8 helps more though. We have a Canon 15 mm at work, maybe I will play with that one as well. I started shooting the Ikelite 6" dome port in 1974 with a 35 mm lens on a Pentax ESII also in an Ikelite housing (which BTW cost me $199.99 USD) so am familiar with the fact that the port creates a virtual image to focus on. I had to add a +2 diopter to allow the lens to focus on the virtual image. Once set I never had to focus the lens ... very handy.
  2. Well my message was confusing, first I said I had the 5510.11 then the 5510.16. Now I actually looked at the port extender and it actually is ... the 5510.22, so that is the one now recommended for the Canon 10-22mm. I looked at my shots I just took in Guam and I see that when shooting at f8 and smaller that the edges looks somewhat better than at wider aperatures. I might have to spring for the Tokina that everyone raves about. Dankje wel Gerard
  3. When I first purchased my u/w setup in 2006, the 8" dome (5510.45) came without a shade and the port body that came with it for the Canon 10-22mm zoom was the 5510.11. Today the recommendation is the 5510.22 port body. I have always been a bit miffed with the corner sharpness and distortion I get when shooting at 10 mm. My question is, is the 5510.22 port body an improvement or not? I have contacted Ikelite about this and their reply was: "In looking at the port recommendations on your web site for the Canon 10-22 zoom, I see that you list port body #5510.22 for this lense but when I bought the 8" dome port in 2006 it came with the 5510.16 body. Would I get better performance from the 5510.22 on the 8" dome port or is this just a matter of fit? Possibly sharper edges in your photos at wide angle settings. We do not test lenses for the best optics since zoom lenses have floating nodal points and optically change as you zoom the lens underwater behind the dome. Our founder and the man who controlled the Ikelite website "Ike" died at the end of 2006. It could be that this lens was tested at some point afterward and it was determined that the slightly longer 5510.22 port was a bit sharper edge-to-edge at the lens's widest angle setting. The short answer is "possibly." Finally, when I purchased my 8" dome there was no shade, is it possible to add this now? No, the first domes did not have a slot on the side which is necessary for the four set screws that hold the dome on to screw into." So I am reaching out the Canon 10-22mm lens and Ikelite 8" dome users on this forum for some feedback on this ... is there any improvement in edge quality using the 5510.22 port body over the 5510.16 port body? BTW I am using a 30D. Best regards, Charles
  4. You need to talk with Dean Karamehmedovic, he does a lot of panoramas as well as u/w. He's based in Hawaii. http://www.worldwidepanorama.org/worldwide...mehmedovic.html Cheers! Charles
  5. I purchased a Fujitsu P7010D laptop two years ago. With a 10" screen, 60 GB 7200 RPM HD, built in multi card reader and extra bay battery. With the extra bay battery I can run almost 8 hrs between charges, it weighs under 4 lbs. I bought it mainly for air travel and giving presentations on the road. I recently added more memory to 1.5 GB now and loaded on Lightroom and intend to use it for photo viewing and editing on my next trip in October to the Solomons. I will probably pick up an external drive which will most likely be 2.5" USB powered 100GB or so. The nice thing about the Fujitsu is that you can hot swap in a DVD/CD burner instead of the extra battery so I could also backup to DVDs if I want in the evenings. I do like the idea of a HD with the built in card reader (e.g. Wolverine, Epson, Gogo), which is nice to have to offload images between dives instead of having to fire-up a laptop. Here is a good overview of some of the latest portable storage options out there: http://www.shutterbug.com/equipmentreviews...es/0707storage/ Aloha! JCD
  6. Just curious, how many of you use your cameras in JPEG mode with NO in-camera image processing i.e. no sharpening, not saturation.? Aloha! Charles
  7. Ah James but the recommendation was to get the CAMERA, no mention of lenses or kit pricing. ;-) It didn't sound to me like the person asking the original question was going be spending $16,000 on a kit. LOL Aloha! Charles
  8. James, buddy "just a few dollars more"??? The 5D on Amazon.com costs roughly $1600 MORE than the 30D, that is more than TWICE the price of the 30D ($1039)! LOL
  9. Nice shots Dave ... but I have to wonder what was done in the computer with your shots aside from cropping some of them? Levels? Curves? Saturation? Sharpening? Color balance? Distortion correction? Question to all ... wouldn't offering up comparisons or opinions of lenses be better served by posting unaltered pics as they come straight out of the camera? (not saying YOU did this Dave, just asking in general). Aloha! Charles
  10. Before getting that lens you might want to read these reviews: http://www.the-digital-picture.com/Reviews...ens-Review.aspx http://www.fredmiranda.com/reviews/showpro...t=43&page=1 Have you considered the 17-50mm Tamron? http://www.the-digital-picture.com/Reviews...ens-Review.aspx Aloha! JCD
  11. No, the 5510.22 is what is listed on their website, the one I listed is new and not on the website yet ... the number is as I wrote it: 0076.22 Contact brett@ikelite.com for more info. Aloha!
  12. Ikelite has informed me that they now have a new port body for their 8" dome for use with the Canon 10-22mm .... the #0076.22. My dome is now currently at Ikelite for installation of the new port body and pressure testing. JCharles
  13. Those with Ikelite housings may want to check with them on what port extension they are currently recommending for certain lens with their 8" dome. I shot some pics with my Canon EF-S 10-22mm on a 30D last month and they had badly distorted edges at 10mm. After doing a little searching online I discovered I needed a 5011.22 port body. When I checked what my local distributor got for my 10-22 I saw it was model # 5510.81, which uses a 5510.16 port body! Brett at Ikelite also informed me that they have a new port body for the Canon 10-22mm the #0076.22. My dome is now currently at Ikelite for installation of the new port body and pressure testing. Aloha! JCharles
  14. This may seem a silly question but ... your thread seems to indicate a preference for wide angle use underwater ... so why are you going with a cropped camera like the 30D? Why not the 5D instead so you get the full benefit of the widest lenses??? Aloha! JCD
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