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  1. Stunning video! May be go and get a wetsuit and dive into the... tub :) Best I can do right now. Seriously, thought the music worked well. The fly-by-wire shots visually super affective. Details of the boat well, but not over-done as some videos have. Looks like a keeper! Thanks for sharing.
  2. That is absolutely stunning! Congratulations What setup were you using to film this? D
  3. Nick: its created using a dixv encoder. Its something someone was saying improves the quality on YouTube... doesn't seem to work that great though. ce4jesus: those were Orca! Was really cool. Yeah, need to get rid of that shot with the fins. All: if there's a place thats better for hostnig the video, I'm open to other options... especially if the final product would be clearer Anyone was any ideas on music?
  4. This is the rough cut of our recent trip to La Paz (1st week of August). The water was colder than expected and viz was terrible at the deeper sites, which meant quite a few trips to Los Isoltes and La Reina & Reinitta (for thos familiar with La Paz). But, I'm really very frustrated ( )from a video editing perspective: 1. I couldn't find any Mexican-themed music that I felt fit the tempo of the video (which I would have liked for obvious reasons) <_< 2. Its about 6 days worth of video, but about only 3 which the viz was good enough to get decent footage... and even then. But, the various subjects are so diverse, its making it difficult for me to cut it into anything I like. Should I cut it into different pieces, or continue to work on 1 piece that would incorporate everything? Opinions most welcome! 3. I know I need to cut down that 1min segment of the young sea lions playing in the cave (where the lights not great + a lot of particulate), but can't get a handle on which parts to cut out. But, on a positive note: seeing Orca was AWESOME B) , we saw them on 2 separate occasions. But, as they were juveniles on both occasions, they wouldn't stay in one place long enough to let us get in the water with them. Still a unique (for me) experience. Anyway, your comments & possible ideas are most welcome !
  5. Great stuff!!! I remember someone (not sure if it was Andy) a couple of years ago showing off this resort and it looked great, but these images really hit home!
  6. Well, now found a more complete discription (http://www.saltawayproducts.com/4ozPage.htm) and it does say for possible use on "printed circuit boards" (although I'm not going to try that one out ), but possibly a few sprays on the handles/buttons of my housing and then a very very thorough rinsing... Am I nuts?
  7. All, At BTS last weekend, at one of the video workshops, someone mentioned a product called Salt-Away, which they used to clean/rinse the salt out of controls. Was wondering if any of you had any experience with this product (good or bad) and were willing to share? Cheers B)
  8. Peter, I guess we first need to differentiate between the "prosumer" and "pro", and the budgets they can have. For the pro, I don't have any experience, but you argument seems very logicial. For the "prosumer", I've seen a bunch of people with Drakbusters and such on arms, but with no reflectors. I have one of those, and they are HEAVY! Not sure if for about double the money these would not be a strong alternative. Plus, these look (not seen physically) a lot more streamlined, as the Darkbuster setup you really need to push through the water. + the traveling prosumer probably doesn't want all the excess luggage... But, I think what it probably boils down to is: each person's requirements are different based on location, travel, type of diving, subjects, and budget. Still interested to hear from anyone that has seem or used these. Cheers!
  9. Somebody posted this up on rbw, and they look very very interesting! Anyone heard of this? or better yet, any experience? Cheers!
  10. I'm with LChan on this one. Diving for me is a place to totally disconnect. There are no phone, e-mails, faxes, blackberries, outlook appointments, et al. For 40+mins (a lot more when on the stealth box), I can totally free my mind (and no, I have NOT been chasing white rabits down holes B) ). The video: well, that's new to me, but I guess I just wanted to share with others what I got to see. I also try and get people into the water, but some people just have to much trouble getting past the fears of: a) drowning b ) sharks (wierd huh, they're so cute ) c) not seeing the bottom, and my personal favorite d) afriad of getting their hair wet (no joke, we had an OW student show up, go through all the course-work, and finally end up telling us at the pool session that she had a phobia of getting her hair wet... no joke). Of course, its also nice to make reminders for a group of people that experienced something together as well. My 2 ppO2
  11. Mary Lynn, thanks for the feedback. I see what you're saying. I tend to use them as and when, and really should spend more time making the use of transitions more consistent throughout the work. High rez shots of the Mola: well, unfortunately, the day I got those shots, they were hovering right in the thermocline, which does show up to a certain extent in the video. Don't have any idea on how to fix that. Youtube encoding: I've put up some other videos, which are topside stuff (wakeboarding), and its pretty much the same. However, I think it might have to do with the fact that I'm extracting right out of iMovie, which even when sending to DVD, does not seem that good. I have FCP, but just haven't found the time to sit down (for a LOT of time) and learn it thoroughly. Been diving more... which I can live with Anyway, thanks for the encouraging comments. Cheers!
  12. Thanks. Truth be known I was really pissed with myself when I got home and reviewed the footage. I got way too lazy on this trip, and didn't have enough out-of-water and other shots to make a decent video for the group. BUT, I did get to see Mantas... Mike: finally! I'm still pissed that you and Kim got all the good viz after Audrey and I left in FEB, and on my birthday no less!!! :glare: BTW: the one going through gas like theres no tomorrow is my girlfriend
  13. First video posted. All comments and constructive-criticisms welcome Cheers
  14. Wow! Great videos... The viz looks great. I spent 3 days in Crystal Bay (which is where this was shot, right), and did NOT have viz like that. Thanks for sharing
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