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  1. Nauticam housing for the Sony rx100iii. Includes tray, screen magnifier, vacuum pump and o rings. Great shape but the camera died so it's time to upgrade. $1100 plus your choice of shipping.
  2. Brand new Nikon MH 25 charger, purchased 9-10-18. Went on vacation and forgot my charger. Used 3X. $35 plus your choice of shipping.
  3. Ikelite 45 degree viewfinder. Optically perfect some discoloration on the metal exterior. Great for macro. $500 plus shipping.
  4. Selling my D7000 housing with tray and vacuum system. Included are two ball arm adapters and two arms. $750. Optional add ons. D7000 body. $350 45 degree viewfinder $500 Plus your choice of shipping.
  5. Ikelite DS 200 strobe with charger. Works great but it needs a new battery pack. Includes two old packs if you know someone who rebuilds them. $150 plus your choice of shipping.
  6. Ikelite Li Ion smart charger, only used for one trip. $25 plus your choice of shipping.
  7. I have had a 45 degree for 4 or 5 years and love it. I think there are some now with adjustable magnification. This would be great for macro as the old eyes just are not what they used to be.
  8. Hi I'm new to the Wetpixel community so I thought I'd get my feet wet, so to speak, here. This photo is from a recent trip to Anilao.
  9. Hi I'm Pete from western New York and I've been diving since 1981 and taking pics almost that long.
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