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  1. I use the new Pelican that will fit in the overhead. I put my video camera inside the housing. I also put my digital camera inside it's housing. I make sure both housing are well protected using form and bubble wrap. I use a TSA lock to secure the Pelican case when I'm on a plane to small to use the overhead and the carry on's need to go in the cargo hold. I realize this will not work if you have something large, say a FX-1. However, for my A1U and C-5060 camera, I can fit both camera and housing into the Pelican for carry on.
  2. I just bought a new Sony A1U along with a Ocean Images housing which has all the electronic controls plus the touch screen controls along with the assigned button which I plan on using for the MWB. Would like a short tutorial on how you set your white balance and if you have any tips that you have learned while using your sony A1U. I plan on using Sony Vegas 7 for my editing software.
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