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  1. So, I didn't end up buying the Nauticam housing on eBay because it was not a lot cheaper than buying brand new... and I've been talking to some sales people that have been really big on the Fantasea housings. Seen the reviews on wetpixel and seems like it's a pretty decent choice. What do you guys think?
  2. Just bought an a6300! Will worry about lens, housings, strobes after I develop some photography skills... Thanks so much for your help everyone!!!
  3. Barmaglot - whoah meikon housing for a6000 is only $250. Ok that is a huge factor.
  4. Barmaglot - yeah free shipping, but then you gotta add on import fees and returns are a huge pain. Usually not worth the hassle. But yes the housing for the EM10 is pretty steep. Its the only mirrorless option with costco, so the return policy makes it really tempting...
  5. Ive been searching online and the selection and deals available in US seem to be way better than in Canada Im considering the Costco route - they have an EM10 mark iii with 14-42 kit lens (pancake) for $1000 CAD. My friend recommended the 12-50 lens for more flexibility and macro feature, but it seems way too big and the nauticam port kit is like $1000 USD for that lens! Think the 14-42 would be ok for shooting nudis? Fruitographer - if shooting both video and photos would you do 1 strobe and 1 video light? And thanks for the rec on the Kodak book. Barmaglot - I definitely have no issue with meikon with my current level of experience
  6. Hi everyone, have been reading the responses and have started drafting responses a few times but to be honest Im just overwhelmed cause I really dont understand the terminology or specs. Plus I dont really learn well through research, I learn a lot better by doing. Unless something good comes up in the classified, Im starting to think I might be better off just getting a new mirrorless camera to start off with and a basic lens, and just start taking pictures above ground, learn some photography basics. Once I get comfortable, I can buy a housing, continuous light, and tray to take some basic shots underwater. Save the strobes for the future when I have some basic skills. Any entry level mirrorless, basic lens, underwater housing, continuous light, and tray that j could get for under $3K new? Or am I dreaming? Thanks!
  7. Barmaglot - thanks for the advice that setup would be great for me, but at this point Im thinking of just monitoring classified for a good price on a full package, rather than looking for a specific model. What lighting did you get? And are you a photographer above ground?
  8. Hi fruitographer, really appreciate the help, and more than happy to benefit from your excessive research Im in no rush either and happy to take some time to make the right choice / wait for the right thing to pop up. But Im a bit lost when trying to research... Only reason for mirrorless is simply because my photographer friends recommended that - they said if Im planning to get into photography above ground, Ill wait to experiment with different lens. Budget - I was thinking under $3,000, and happy to go used. Thinking id want interchangeable lens. A lot of my friends seem to like Olympus, and thats the only reason I would slightly lean to that brand, but I really have no preference. A friend recommended the Olympus EM10 as a good entry level mirrorless. Also no preference on housing brand, but seems like every time I search housings nauticam is the first that pops up. I agree if this was only for underwater, compact would be the right choice. Im definitely not hard set on mirrorless, very open to rethinking!
  9. Fruitographer - thank you so much for the detailed response! I think Im leaning towards an entry level mirrorless, the more I think about I want to start getting into photography above ground, and want to get something decent to learn with and wont outgrow too quickly. But I love the idea of getting a used full setup with housing and camera. I dont really have a brand preference, so Ill just keep my eye out for something decent that pops up. Would definitely love to take you up on your offer to point me in the right direction - as things pop up in classified Ill reach out to get your thoughts. Thanks so much again!
  10. Wow, thanks so much for all of the advice! jfe - definitely hear you regarding upgrades, I've gone through that with a few other hobbies and have ended up with an extremely over-cluttered attic MikeVeitch - I was originally thinking TG, but I'm starting to lean towards Mirrorless, thinking it might give me more tools to practice / learn photography skills both above ground and underwater. I like the idea of starting with a video light, since I don't really know anything about flash photography, it'll be easier for me in the beginning. Would I need a tray? hyp - Great points about used working well for me since I'm starting from scratch, that's definitely the path I'll take. DS256 - I was thinking the same thing about a photography shop, but I think all of my upcoming dives in the near future will be local, and unfortunately haven't been able to find any photography shops that have underwater rental options here in Vancouver. Although maybe I need to look harder. Thanks again everyone!
  11. Hi! I've been diving for a few years, 52 dives mostly in Vancouver and Maui. I've been diving with my gopro hero 3 (no tray or lighting), and have some fantastic footage of big stuff like turtles, eels, octopus, etc. on good visibility days. I've gotten pretty good night-dive footage as well holding a dive light in flood mode with one hand, and the gopro in another. I have an Olympus TG-2, but I don't have a housing, so haven't brought it out diving. However, my favourite things to see underwater are nudibranchs, and I haven't been able to get any decent footage with my current setup. I was lucky enough to see harlequin shrimp a few weeks ago (diving in Maui with Mike Severns) and my gopro footage was blurry - that's when I decided I want to get into underwater photography and focus on taking pictures of small stuff underwater. Above ground, I love taking photos but I've never ventured beyond a point-and-shoot, and nowadays I take all my pics with my iPhone. So I'm thinking I should start simple with underwater gear, and then gradually upgrade equipment as my skills improve over the years. I've been doing some research, and to get better shots of small stuff it seems I have 3 options for shooting small stuff: 1) Get a housing for my Olympus TG-2 (seems hard to find cause it's an older model). Start out using the built-in flash, and then look to add a strobe with a tray / arm as the next step. 2) Get a macro lens for my GoPro Hero 3. Is there much difference between a video light and a good dive light? I suppose I'd want to get a tray and arm for the light to make filming easier. 3) Buy a new camera and housing. Maybe mirrorless? Start out using the built-in flash, and then look to add a strobe with a tray / arm as a next step. I'm leaning towards #3, I know that this is something I'm going to want to keep doing and improving, so might as well get off to a good start. Any thoughts / advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Alan
  12. Hi! Alan from Vancouver here... have been diving for a few years, interesting in trying out underwater photography. Looks like a great forum, excited to join!
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