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  1. Started earlier in 2018, mostly pictures of my native Philippines! As always, I love getting critique and feedback from Wetpixel, so feel free to leave some tips on my photos! https://www.instagram.com/mediumfinmako/ Can't wait to check out the community gram!
  2. Hi Wetpixel! I have been carrying these two strobes as a “back-up” on several trips now, so I am now selling these to fund my next body upgrade . Both these strobes are in excellent working condition, like new, and are phenomenal travel strobes. Neither have ever flooded. DS-51s specs as well as info on each strobe can be found at the bottom. PM me if you have any questions. For a faster response, please email me directly: husseinhasan27@gmil.com Willing to sell each strobe individually. Offering $680 if you buy both. Sales terms: PayPal is preferred method of payment Invoice(s) will be provided Buyer is responsible for the cost of shipping and insurance Strobe 1: Serial Number 91765 (left on images) Date of purchase: January 02, 2018 # of Dives: 26 Asking: $ 350 Notes: Light scratches can be found on the exterior body (gray area, see picture #4) Strobe 1: Serial Number 92898 (right on images) Date of purchase: March 12, 2018 # of Dives: 9 Asking: $ 380 Notes: This strobe is practically new! Specifications: Size 8cm x 12cm - 3.2" x 4.7" Weight 0.6 kg - 1.3 pounds Energy Rating 50 watt-seconds Coverage Angle 70 degrees, 80 degrees w/diffuser Guide # (ISO 100) feet 56 surface, 28 underwater Guide # (ISO 100) meters 17 surface, 9 underwater Color Temp 5700 degrees K Power Source 4 "AA" alkaline - NiCad - NiMH Flashes 200 full power Recycle Time 3.5 seconds Firing Modes TTL/Auto - 6 Manual Power Settings Depth Rating 90m - 300 feet
  3. Wetpixel, Curious to see the community's thought process behind the decision to upgrade (or maybe downgrade) to a new body. Was it a good deal that was the tipping point? Maybe love at first sight when seeing a new setup? Or maybe just because you could? Personally, I've spent ~2 years with my first DSLR (Nikon D3400) and it has been a great camera to learn with. I certainly have a lot more to learn, but I've been thinking of upgrading in another 1-2 years to a setup that I can do and learn more from. Even more interesting to see long time shooters experiences when switching out of their 2nd / 3rd body. Cheers everyone!
  4. Hi Wetpixel! Long time lurker that just wants to say thanks for the amazing advice everyone has been giving so far. If anybody is in the bay area and looking for a meetup or a dive buddy, shoot me a PM! Cheers! Hussein
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