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  1. Hi Wetpixel!


    I have been carrying these two strobes as a “back-up” on several trips now, so I am now selling these to fund my next body upgrade :D. Both these strobes are in excellent working condition, like new, and are phenomenal travel strobes. Neither have ever flooded. DS-51s specs as well as info on each strobe can be found at the bottom. PM me if you have any questions. For a faster response, please email me directly: husseinhasan27@gmil.com


    Willing to sell each strobe individually. Offering $680 if you buy both. Sales terms:

    1. PayPal is preferred method of payment
    2. Invoice(s) will be provided
    3. Buyer is responsible for the cost of shipping and insurance

    Strobe 1: Serial Number 91765 (left on images)

    • Date of purchase: January 02, 2018
    • # of Dives: 26
    • Asking: $ 350
    • Notes: Light scratches can be found on the exterior body (gray area, see picture #4)


    Strobe 1: Serial Number 92898 (right on images)

    • Date of purchase: March 12, 2018
    • # of Dives: 9
    • Asking: $ 380
    • Notes: This strobe is practically new!






    8cm x 12cm - 3.2" x 4.7"


    0.6 kg - 1.3 pounds

    Energy Rating

    50 watt-seconds

    Coverage Angle

    70 degrees, 80 degrees w/diffuser

    Guide # (ISO 100) feet

    56 surface, 28 underwater

    Guide # (ISO 100) meters

    17 surface, 9 underwater

    Color Temp

    5700 degrees K

    Power Source

    4 "AA" alkaline - NiCad - NiMH


    200 full power

    Recycle Time

    3.5 seconds

    Firing Modes

    TTL/Auto - 6 Manual Power Settings

    Depth Rating

    90m - 300 feet








  2. Wetpixel,


    Curious to see the community's thought process behind the decision to upgrade (or maybe downgrade) to a new body. Was it a good deal that was the tipping point? Maybe love at first sight when seeing a new setup? Or maybe just because you could?


    Personally, I've spent ~2 years with my first DSLR (Nikon D3400) and it has been a great camera to learn with. I certainly have a lot more to learn, but I've been thinking of upgrading in another 1-2 years to a setup that I can do and learn more from. Even more interesting to see long time shooters experiences when switching out of their 2nd / 3rd body.


    Cheers everyone!

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