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  1. Hi, I'm enquiring if anyone has the following for sale: Nauticam 26321 TTL flash trigger for canon DP-170 170mm Fish Eye Does port for Nauticam 120 port mount. Kind Regards Dylan
  2. Much loved Ikelite 5D Mark IV - good condition, excellent setup but have decided to move to Nauticam. Package includes: Ikelite IK71702 5D4 Housing to 200ft (60m) Ikelite IK47011 Vacuum pump with Gauge Ikelite IK75340 DL 8” Dome port Ikelite IK75344 Compact Dome port Ikelite IK75028 DL 28mm Dome port extension Ikelite IK7050 DL 50mm Port Extension Ikelite IK5509.28 Zoom Gear Ikelite IK9351.2 Right Quick release handle Ikelite IK4081.31 Short Stem mount with ball x 2 Suitable for the following wide-angle lenses. Canon EF 8-15mm F4 Fisheye Canon EF 16-35mm EF IS USM F/4L Canon 16-35 mm F/2.8L III USM (Will need additional zoom Gear 5509.14) Purchased for over AUD $5000. Total Package for AUD $3000 Willing to split shipping.
  3. Hi, Would be happy to purchase this off you. Could you send me an email on Dylan.cls21@gmail.com to organise payment/shipping.
  4. Looking for 2 x Nauticam universal fibre optic cable SKU # 26216 or similar.
  5. Hi Evan, Would you be interested in purchasing your non-scratched dome for $450. I live in Australia, would you be willing to split shipping? It might be easier to discuss via email, I'm at Dylan.cls21@gmail.com
  6. I bought a set of inon Z330s I hope they last me for a while.
  7. Hi, I'm Dylan and am from Brisbane Australia. Complete amateur to underwater photography, looking to get some tips from this wet pixel brains trust!
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