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  1. "I think I am using the 5505 instead of the 5505.5 and the lens only clears the front of the port by less than 1/4" when fully extended." Are you using this port with an S2? I'm asking because the Ikelite port chart lists the 5505 as the one to use for the 60mm on other cameras - they have a different port chart for the S2 which specifies you need the 5505.5 for the 60mm. This begs the question, why is there a separate port chart for the S2. Presumably because of the physical dimensions of the camera? Thx Iain
  2. So I've decided to bid a fond farewell to my N90s/Subal setup, and go digital with the Fuji S2. At this point, I've elected to go with the Ikelite housing, and was wondering about port options. I'm currently using the Nikkor 60mm & 20mm lenses, but want to accomodate the Nikkor 12-24 when it's available. The obvious choice is to use the Ike specified 5505.5 flat port for the 60mm, and the 5503 dome port for the 20mm. The dome port should presumably accomodate the 12-24 lens too. The Ike web site also lists the 5503.5 dome port as an option for the 60mm lens , so here's where I'm doing a little head scratching. 1. Is a dome port a viable option for the 60mm lens? I seem to recall reading somewhere that a dome is actually better for a lens like this. Seems counterintuitive, so I'm probably remembering wrong. 2. If the answer to 1. is yes, would the 5503.5 dome be viable for the 20mm lens too, or would the extended length of the port mask the edges of the image. I don't mind buying a second port if that's the best route, but having a single port that would work well for both lenses would be more convenient. Cheers, Iain
  3. Thanks James. Looks like Ike is my only realistic option in the forseeable future. So who is "another manufacturer". Or would you have to kill me if you told me Iain
  4. Just wandering what the latest intelligence is on S2 housing availability. I'm familiar with the Ikelite housing already. What other housing options are currently on the market, or are due to be made available in the next few months? Thanks Iain
  5. Darn good point about TTL being a crutch. I've thought that myself before, but it's sooo easy to rely on TTL - particularly when I'm still shooting f**m... marriard, what are you using to manually control the output of your Ike 200s? Just the existing strobe controls? I intend to use the camera underwater primarily, so the housing/strobe combination is pretty important to me. Thx Iain
  6. You will certainly be welcome to do some "R & D" on the island, James, as long as there's plenty of time left for "R & R" too... I see your point regarding whether manual control would work for me. The problem is that I have no practical experience with digital u/w to know whether the manual "shoot", "review", "adjust exposure", "shoot" cycle is practical. Sometimes it's hard enough just getting the shot lined up the first time around Any D100 shooters out there that can comment? Thx Iain
  7. I'm currently shooting an N90s in Subal housing, with dual Ike 200 strobes. I'm planning to make the move to digital and I'm trying to make the choice between the Fuji S2 and Nikon D100. I'd prefer to reuse the Ike 200s if possible, and my Subal ports too. I'm considering the following two setups 1. Fuji S2, Ikelite housing and existing Ike 200 strobes or 2. Nikon D100, LMI Titan D100 housing and existing Ike 200 strobes. I've considered the Subal housing, but I really like the Titan's ROC electronics that will give me full manual control over the the Ike 200 strobes. I can reuse my Subal ports with this housing too. The biggest difference for me seems to come down to the ability for the S2 to do "real" TTL exposure, rather than using a D100 in the Titan and manually controlling the Ike 200s using the ROC electronics Having been quite reliant upon using TTL with my existing setup (I particularly like macro shots), I'm leery of switching to a totally manual system, although I understand the benefits of that "instant" feedback that digital should afford me. The S2 seems like the way to go, but the LMI housing wrapped round a D100 looks pretty sexy to me :freak: I also want a system that will take a lot of use, as I'm in the process of buying a dive resort in Vanuatu and expect to be using the system quite a lot... Thanks Iain
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