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  1. Hi Andy, I have a working YS-250 with the battery charger gone missing. Do you still have a charger for sale? Best regards, --Rob
  2. I am looking to buy a battery charger for the (discontinued) Sea & Sea YS 250 pro. Does anyone have one on the shelf that they want to sell? Best regards, --Rob
  3. Hi Jeremy, I bought one in 1992 and used it for 15 years before switching to digital. Still have it on the shelf. Liked it very much for its ergonomics, unrivalled ever since. Very rugged, never had it serviced. Best regards, --Rob
  4. I just ordered two YS-D3's. Very curious to see how they perform. Sea&Sea user since 1991 and never had any issues, however I realise that many people did. My YS-D1's kept going (and still do) so I didn't have the trouble that many D2 users had. I trust Sea&Sea learned a few things from this episode. Fingers crossed :-)
  5. Hi Warren, can you please send me an e-mail: raarsen@kpnmail.nl Thank you, --Rob
  6. Hiya, is the Subal 6" port still for sale? --Rob
  7. Hi Mark, if I am not mistaken, these adapters work the other way around. i.e. you can use Subal ports on a Nautical housing.
  8. Hi there, and best wishes for 2020! Would the optical glass dome port happen to be a DP-SW B? This is a 6 inch type 3 glass dome and I'm looking for a used one in good condition. Best regards, --Rob
  9. +1 for the ThinkTank. I use the international version for housing (D810) with the 1"balls attached facing forward. 2x YS-D1, 1x YS 90, SMC converters, viewfinder, batteries (packed in plastic boxes), tools and some battery chargers. Ports, Dome, arms etc go in the dive bag which is a Scubapro Atlas. I use bubblewrap, wetsuit and clothes for protection. ThinkTank and Atlas go as checked luggage. Cameras and lenses are in a Mindshift backpack that I carry on board.
  10. A TC doesn't give you more magnification. It just crops the image by turning the 105mm into a 150mm. If you need more magnification you can use an extension tube which has no glass in it. This decreases the working distance and gives you more magnification. For extreme magnification you can best use the super macro converters: wet lenses you attach to the front port during the dive. I get my headaches from using the Nauticam SMC-2! :-) DOF is in millimeters. --Rob
  11. Hi Francesco, I used this strobe for quite some time with good results. You can use it with a Sea & Sea optical cable, just stick a mounting block on the slave sensor at the front of the strobe. Set the strobe to slave and you're in business. This is what I mean with mounting block: https://reefphoto.com/products/fiber-optic-mounting-block-1-hole Best regards, --Rob
  12. Hi Jef, I used Sea & Sea strobes since 1991 (YS-350, YS-D90 Duo, YS-D-1) and they never failed (not even once). --Rob
  13. Hi Alex, I'm interested in the 10m cord extension, is that still available? And is there a connecter at the other end to plug it into the strobe? Best regards, --Rob
  14. I tried to create an Instagram account three times now. Each time it sent me an e-mail after a few hours saying they were sorry I had trouble logging in (I didn't login) with a link to reset my password. Resetting the password I get a notification that my username is not connected to an account. Can't get in. Accounts 1 and 2 seem to have dissappeared from Instagram completely. The last account I created is still there but with a different account name (very complicated), user name still mine. Any ideas? --Rob
  15. Hi Kees, I use the 8,5" dome with a 70mm extension with good results. --Rob
  16. Hi all, I am considering to sign up for the Creative Cloud / Photography plan. Currently I use LR 4, Will I be able to copy my catalogs to the new CC version Rob
  17. You can use the 10-17 on FF but you all be limited to the long end (15-17 mm). I posted some test shots a while back, comparing its use behind two small domes (4" and 6"). See http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=49826&hl=%2Bdome+%2Bport+%2Btest Why not go for a Sigma 15 FE? Best regards, --Rob
  18. Hi all, I am looking for an underwater image of the Galapagos iguana to publish with an article about sea reptiles in our magazine 'Onderwatersport', which is the publication of the Dutch Dive Branch (circulation 15,000). Can you help me out? Please pm raarsen@kpnmail.nl Best regards, Rob Aarsen Editor Onderwatersport
  19. mine wobbles a wee bit. perfectly dry though. No worries. --Rob
  20. I use the Nauticam 8,5" acrylic dome and when shooting towards the sun, it reflects so bad I can see the camera tray in full detail.
  21. I do apologize! I am utterly unfamiliar with Sony cameras...
  22. Hi all, what would be the ultimate lens bag for the Sony A57, given the fact that here in The Netherlands, we do a lot of macro photography. Your recommendations will be greatly appreciated! --Rob
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