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  1. Here's a very exciting comment from Tsunemasa Ohara, the Senior General Manager of Camera Research and Development at Canon Inc the man in charge of the 5ds & 5dsr's development "...existing EOS 5D Mark III body shell used for these cameras" and from Canon CPS-Europe : Compatible with most EOS 5D Mark III accessories (note: the WFT-E7 requires new USB cables and firmware updated)." This means that the new 5ds and 5dsr should fit in existing 5dmk3 housings! =) Now to get some 44" wide media for my HP Z3100! Heh heh. Cheers Stu
  2. Selling 4 x DB-08 ULCS arms, 6 Clamps (5 x AC-CS, 1 x AC-CSF), 2 Sets of Stix Jumbo Floats for Ultralight. $225 plus shipping.
  3. See that dimple to the right of the LCD? That's a recess in the window of the housing where you insert the LED into. That's how it comes from the factory. LED is easily visible when you close the housing. Same goes for installing the new Surveyor vacuum board. Cheers Stu
  4. Before you buy your D750, you may want to confirm that a housing will be made for it. Since there's a housing already for a D610, the 750 might be redundant (I'm not speaking from any insider knowledge, but both are current model bodies and in the small market of UW photography, it might not make financial sense for a manufacturer to make housings for both D610 and D750). If you're set on the FX format then get the D800 or 810 as there are housings available for them already. cheers S.
  5. Tried them, buyer beware. Bought 2 and they flooded on the 1st dive
  6. Hi Folks I have a new, never been wet Aquatica AD800 housing for the Nikon D800 ($3529.95). Housing has 2 N5 ports but I'll also throw in a free optical bulkhead (Part No. 18935, Retail $ 110, accepts S&S or Straight cables) for those wanting to use FO/TTL triggering. Also included is the Xit404 Housing cover ($50). .Total Price for the Package is $3688.95, selling for U$3300 with free shipping anywhere in the US/Canada. Housing was being used as a store demo, has never been wet, just taken out of the box to show customers. Cheers Stu
  7. You could have an issue with the aperture motor. I sort of had that problem with my 10-17 a while back and Tokina replaced the whole aperture assembly. S.
  8. The Philippines is a direct flight from SFO and Anilao is only about 2-3 hour drive from the airport. Quite a few members of the forum have been to Dive Solana, www.divesolana.com . The resort can pick you up from the airport and get you back there. August though is pushing well into typhoon season. June is your best bet. Cheers Stu
  9. Bart! SHH!!!!!! Don't get folks too excited! Anilao is getting crowded as it is! I still don't get why you like Dari Laut so much. We did the fish pens when the nets were all hauled up and empty, got some interesting shots, but Bethlehem was by far the most productive site we in 2013. S.
  10. Here's the current list of supported lenses http://www.aquatica.ca/en/charts/43_micro_type_lens_chart.pdf
  11. We received our shipment of AE-M1 housings from Aquatica, for a first look, http://stewartsy.com/first-look-at-the-new-aquatica-ae-m1-housing-for-the-olympus-omd-em-1-housing/ cheers! Stu
  12. I believe the shipment of housings and ports to dealers is imminent. S.
  13. Aquatica will have it's own fisheye dome, same as the much loved 4" coated glass Minidome used in the DSLR line, 4" = 100mm give or take. This will work with the 8mm fisheye. A quick look at Aquatica's lens chart, found here: http://www.aquatica.ca/en/charts/43_micro_type_lens_chart.pdf shows that the Pany 7-14 as well as the Oly 9-18, 12-40 as well as the 12-50 zooms will be supported by the new acrylic dome. the 45 and 60mm macros will also be supported. Regards S.
  14. Nuno, Have forwarded this link to Aquatica, they will be in touch. Cheers Stu
  15. Aquatica has 2 versions of the zoom knob. You should be able to replace the standard knob with the one with more pronounced "ears". Your dealer should be able to get one from Aquatica. The knob is held in place by an allen grub screw. S.
  16. I was asked for weight, not in water or in air. Water weight can be easily negated by dome flotation and foam floats. Moot point IMHO. S.
  17. I've used Aluminyze and wouldn't recommend them. By far the best images I've gotten on Aluminum are done by Bay Photo. They know what they're talking about, they react quickly to any issues. I was commissioned to do a mural for a local company that required 8 panels of 27" x 48", they were done using the matte aluminum finish, no base coat. This effect gives your image a near 3d quality similar to the old Fresnel photo of the winking girl (I'm showing my age!). As you walk around the print, the light will catch different colours and those colours will pop out. Rather striking effect. S.
  18. The AE-M1 bare weighs in at 2.5 lbs. If you add the handles and the 8"dome, the weight totals 5lbs or 2.27 kg. Hope this helps in your decision. Regards Stewart
  19. Triggerfish, As the final configuration for the AE-M1 is still being determined (there were 2 handle configurations considered for it,) there is no weight yet set for the housing, however I will try to get some info tomorrow to you.
  20. Andre, If you want to see the Aquatica A70D housing, I have it in stock, not sure where you are in BC, I'm in Richmond. I also have a bunch of 4 series zoom gears if you want to check them out. S.
  21. Backscatter may have an existing adapter for that purpose, can't say for sure. If you measure the OD of your GS VF then I can tell you if it fits in the Aquatica's VF opening. As for Zoom Gear, Aquatica has 2 gear sizes, the Series 1 & 4. Which housing are you wanting to use, I can see about measuring it for you. Basically, all current housings use the Series 4 gears, older ones use Series 1. Cheers S.
  22. I used the non-OS 150 macro with my Aquatica A5dmk3 in the Philippines last year and on my A7D the year before, works really well: http://stewartsy.com/anilao-2013/_mg_4056/ http://stewartsy.com/anilao-2013/_mg_3009/ http://stewartsy.com/anilao-2013/_mg_3022/ Regards S.
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