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  1. Backscatter may have an existing adapter for that purpose, can't say for sure. If you measure the OD of your GS VF then I can tell you if it fits in the Aquatica's VF opening. As for Zoom Gear, Aquatica has 2 gear sizes, the Series 1 & 4. Which housing are you wanting to use, I can see about measuring it for you. Basically, all current housings use the Series 4 gears, older ones use Series 1. Cheers S.
  2. I used the non-OS 150 macro with my Aquatica A5dmk3 in the Philippines last year and on my A7D the year before, works really well: http://stewartsy.com/anilao-2013/_mg_4056/ http://stewartsy.com/anilao-2013/_mg_3009/ http://stewartsy.com/anilao-2013/_mg_3022/ Regards S.
  3. Sony is APS-C, not m43. I have the NEX-6 as my walkabout camera with the Sony 18-105 and just love it. If the A6000 is housed, I'll be getting one. I can easily get a Metabones EF adapter to use my Canon lenses. S.
  4. Hi Folks We'll be at the Seattle Scuba H2O Adventure Show (Formerly the Tacoma Dive & Travel Show) this weekend. We'll have the latest from Aquatica, the A70D and the much awaited AE-M1 housings on display. We'll be at Booth 812. We're also debuting our new Strobe Sniper Twin Arm Fiber Optic Snoot for the S&S YS-D1. The owners from one of Anilao's best resorts, Dive Solana will be at the booth with a show special dive package. Please come by to say "Hi". Cheers! Stu
  5. Hi Folks, If anyone in the Portland, Seattle, Vancouver Area are interested in a touchy feel-y experience with the new Aquatica AE-M1 housing. We will have one on display at the SLS Photography Booth (No.812) at the Seattle Scuba H20 Adventure show this weekend! Cheers Stu
  6. I've been using the same ULCS arms and clamps for over 15 years. Aside from looking a bit dingy, they still work. They've been on 4 different housings and 3 sets of strobes.
  7. Balikbayan or in English, Returning Resident Boxes are used by Filipinos who wish to maximize their luggage allowance by not having to use pricey and heavy suitcases to bring home gifts to family and friends back home as they'll be flying home empty handed anyway =). However, the current dimension of the boxes makes it very easy to overstuff given the 50lb weight limit imposed by most carriers. I've had the most luck buying the wheeled plastic luggage sets from Costco then buying 2 of the cheapo pillows at Ikea. I lay 1 pillow down, put housing, strobes, ports, arms, lights and what not on it, cover with the 2nd pillow and lash down with the straps the come with the bag. Best of all, you'll have pillows that more often than not, are more comfortable than those found in most resorts. This is based on over 15 years of back and forth travel to Asia from Vancouver. ;-) S.
  8. I ship stuff from BC all the time. I use Canada Post as they do (unfortunately) offer the better prices for shipping, if you want the item insured for more than $1k however, you need to use a commercial carrier like FEDEX, UPS or Purolator. I have shipping insurance via my commercial insurance policy. You can opt to take payment by Paypal but their exchange rates and limitations for us Canucks are a PITA, you may want to look at Square Register, it's an app for your smartphone and you can either swipe cards or enter them manually. However, manually entered transactions greater than $2500 are held for 30 days. If you can get your buyer to agree, a bank wire transfer is best from countries outside of Canada (European and Australian banks make it very easy for them to transfer the funds) if you're selling to someone else in Canada, an Interac email wire transfer is easiest. You post the most honest description possible on the items you're selling, offer a review period if you'd like. Most purchases on forums is basically as is unless it's posted as working and you get something not working. Generally, folks on this forum are easy to deal with, you do have to be careful of those trolling for a scam. If the deal doesn't feel right, walk away. Cheers S.
  9. A Whois lookup shows this domain is registered in Australia but has a US phone number? Plus almost all detail info is hidden via a 3rd party website so you can't really find out who owns the domain. S.
  10. Dougie, great minds think alike. =). Johnnyquest, 1 thing of note, a customer of mine shoots a LOT, and he actually fried the on camera flash of his d800. So he's now resorted to N5 cords in his Aquatica D800 housing. S.
  11. Reminder to anyone in the Vancouver area and beyond. This weekend is Diver's Weekend at the Vancouver Aquarium. Lots of cool stuff, show your C-Card and get 50% off admission. http://www.vanaqua.org/experience/events/annual-and-upcoming-events/divers-weekend If you do go, come by the Aquatica/SLS Photography booth right beside the 4D Theatre. Cheers Stu
  12. Port System is from the Aquatica AN line of housing that were originally made for Sony NEX cameras. S.
  13. 2-3 Second recycle time is based on a full power dump from the D1. If you lower your flash power to around half power, the D1 can keep up with your 7D firing at 3 fps. I shoot my D1's at just under half power and it keeps up with my 5dmk3 at 6 fps. Of course, good NiMH cells (Maha Powerex) help too. There's no point in shooting full power on your pop-up flash when shooting in manual, you just need to trigger the D1, then control strobe power on strobe. S.
  14. You can set your hot shoe flash to 1/128th power and still trigger the D1's. Have several customers with the exact same setup as you do. Set the D1 in single lightning bolt mode (manual) and adjust power via the strobe's power dial. 1 thing to remember is your camera will slow down from 8fps to 3fps. Not really a big deal when shooting UW but you should be aware of that. Oh, and of course, battery life will be markedly shorter. S.
  15. The NEX-6 does have a hotshoe and theoretically possible to hardwire the N5 connector to it. S.
  16. Here's a quick chart from the Aquatica website with respect to magnifications possible using the more popular macro lens lengths: Maximum magnification with popular lens: from: http://www.aquatica.ca/en/accessories_closeup.html Lens Close-up lens +5 Close-up lens +10 60mm 1.2:1 1.5:1 100mm 1.5:1 2.1:1 105mm 1.5:1 2.2:1 150mm 1.9:1 2.8:1 200mm 2.3:1 3.5:1 S.
  17. Housing is still available. Housing, Port, Handle Ball mounts and cold shoe ball included. U$2000 plus shipping.
  18. If you want to see some Anilao shots from this year: www.stewartsy.com/
  19. Bart, Personally, I found Moalboal to be a waste of time. Unless the big school of sardines are back at Pescador, it's not worth doing, go to Malapascua instead. S.
  20. Hi Jason, Mactan really has no diving worth doing if you're going to Malapascua. As far as Anilao vs Mactan, don't even bother, Anilao is much better than any site I've done in Mactan. S.
  21. Here's a few shots taken with the 5dmk3, Sigma 150 macro, Aquatica A5dmk3 Housing, AF macro port, 18462 extension. http://stewartsy.com/anilao-2013/_mg_3019/ http://stewartsy.com/anilao-2013/_mg_3009/ http://stewartsy.com/anilao-2013/_mg_4090/ http://stewartsy.com/anilao-2013/_mg_3063/ Sorry for the external links, my Wordpress base site has the images in a gallery. S.
  22. No. The aluminum holder is only has the quick detach system designed for the Aquatica +5 & +10 wet lenses. The lenses themselves do have 67mm threads
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