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  1. Amazing what you can find if you look hard enough...in 8 feet of water! Canon EOS A2e, Subal CE5 housing, Dual YS120's, Tamron 90mm macro. 1/60th, f16, Kodak Extracolour 100 "The Beer Garden" Puerto Galera, Philippines.
  2. Hi Andi, I used to have GP chargers as well...yes they do charge faster but they also create a lot of heat. I prefer the fact that the Ansmanns charge and evaluate each cell, this way you're getting the max charge into them, a pack charger doesn't do this...it charges to the capacity of the weakest cell. While the Ansmanns may cost more, they also pack better as they're universal voltage and don't require a "Dongle" ac/dc adapter... Why would you have a need to charge between surface intervals? I simply have 2 sets of cells on rotation. Stu
  3. While I'd love to house the 10D, it's not in my finances at the moment to drop 3k on a housing, even though I've got all the ports and lenses. I'm still waiting for what the manufacturers will do for those of use who have regular strobes. If I do go the Subal route, I will likely have 1 bulkhead set up with the 6 pin ETTL connector and the other bulkhead with just the trigger and ground soldered. For macro shooting, I'll have the 550ex in a housing at TTL and will have likely a YS90 on the other bulkhead but powered way down to provide fill light for shadows only, for macro, I'll likely stick to my twin YS120's at set at manual and trigger them through a S&S Y-cord. Though a good friend only shoots with 1 strobe over the port for macro and he has stunning shots.... My 2 cents...good luck on what you end up with.... stu
  4. Hi Brett, I think the Cabilao hammerheads are gone, well, 3 years ago they were, a Taiwanese fishing fleet came in an took them. Bantayan is Northern Cebu, that's where Malapascua Island is located... You can see my old website at www.geocities.com/scubastu_99 My perennial favorite is Puerto Galera, Woody Mayhew of Nexus America loves Anilao...they're only about 1 hr. apart by boat and we constantly bicker over where is best! Stu
  5. I'm curious though, you've got Canon lenses already, so why get a D100 or S2? I'd get the D60 and the Subal housing for it. There is nothing wrong with the imager on the D60 and I've taken pictures of birds in flight with it, I was using a friend's D60 and was ready to buy one then it was announced that the 10D was just released...I waited for the 10D. The 10D does have faster, better AF, but underwater if you're using the 50 macro, the motors on that lens are slow enough that you won't notice the lack of AF speed on the D60, with wide angle like the 16-35L, it's not really precision focus you're looking for anyway...compared to macro. My point is, why get a new system where you not only need a new body, but new glass as well...Nikons work in reverse for us used to Canon, the lenses mount in reverse, the functionality is different (not better or worse, just different) This is not something I'd look forward to using underwater, it would get confusing...IMHO. Stu
  6. If you're in Cebu, you may want to try the Thresher sharks at Malapascua Island, also consider a trip to Bohol, where the diving is way better. I did a 3 week dive safari there 2 years ago. I wouldn't sell the Philippines short in terms of a dive destination...I've friends who've gone with me there and say that it's as good as anything else around. You can't beat the macro life there...big stuff ain't too bad either. Check out my site: www.final-frame.com and click on my name: Stewart Sy and go to the Philippine link... Stu p.s. My avatar of the pygmy seahorse was taken in Puerto Galera...
  7. I'd second James' suggestion on the Ansmann chargers...robust and universal volatage....I've got 2 Energy 8's and 1 PL6 (I've got 2 YS120's, needing 16 AA's!) Plus I can charge my D-Cell and C-cell aiming lights. Also recommend the Ansmann batteries... Contact Woody Mayhew at www.nexusamerica.com he's in Dallas as well. Stu
  8. I doubt you'll be able to drain a 10D's battery in 1 day of diving as the standard Canon BP511 is rated for upwards of 400 shots...I'd worry more about strobe batterries...I use the 1500 MaH batteries from the Battery Barn, that's 20% more than the Canon OEM battery. I have that battery and a standard Canon Bp511 in the BG ED3 grip and have shot over a thousand frames before the battery meter went down to half.... What are you planning strobe wise? There are no housings for the 550EX except for the one from UK Germany and you need a 6 pin connector for that, all other regular UW strobes will only work manually. Stu
  9. Subal has been pretty good about their release dates....but I'd expect it to be more available in August. Not much time to prep for a trip. Why not look at a D60? Beats buying the D100 and new lenses...Subal's housing is already out. As much as I'd love to house my 10D, I think I'm staying put with my EOS A2 in the Subal. my 2 cents... Stu
  10. I guess this guy never saw the last Star Wars movie...it was shot with digital video...so was the new Imax on the Titanic. Resistance to change, what a sorry state he's in.... I've shot film for about 6 years, I now own a 10D, I have put thousands of frames through it, haven't shot film since I've had the camera, am now saving my moolah for the new Subal housing for the 10D....I will keep film for when I need to shoot my 16-35L full frame...but that's it.... My 2 cents.... stu
  11. Not sure what Ike's macro arms look like, but when I shoot with a mid-macro (Canon 50mm) I use 4" UCLS arms, If I see something mid-sized then I feather the strobes out and don't get backscatter.... and were taken with the same setup....the froggies were about a foot long each and the anemone fish were about 2inches long... Stu
  12. Subal will be coming out with a 10D housing around July.
  13. Hi I talked to someone who saw the Jonah housing for the Nikon D100 at Beneath the Sea.... said it looked very rough, but it was an early prototype though. Subal is coming out with a housing for the 10D as well in July. But expect it to cost more than the Jonah. Stu
  14. I use the MAHA 1800 and Ansmann 2000 batteries in my YS120s. Never had a problem.... Stu
  15. For what it's worth, Subal is also coming out with a 10D housing in July. This was from an email from Mr. Stepanek himself. I don't know what the build quality is of the Jonah, but Subal's is beyond reproach.... I'm seriously considering the sale of my Subal CE5 housing and the Canon A2e body with it.... We shall see.... stu
  16. I still shoot film for underwater, Canon EOS A2e in a Subal housing for about 5 years now, though I started with a MMIIex. I've been a very satisfied 10D owner for about a week and a half now. The minute Subal comes out with a housing for this camera (if it's a minimal mod for the D60 housing then I don't see why not) my film bodies and housing will have a for sale sign tacked on... Stu
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