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  1. Look for the non-OS version of the 150, much cheaper. I got mine from Fred Miranda's Buy & Sell pages. S.
  2. Price lowered again, $2100 for housing and port.
  3. For Canadian residents, the Canadian Government is matching donations! http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/government-to-match-canadians-donations-to-typhoon-haiyan-relief-1.1536343 Mabuhay! Stu
  4. I use the Sigm 150mm Macro. It's rated to be almost as sharp as the Canon 100. Very fast focussing too. I use it easily with the Aquatica +5 & +10 closeup diopters in my Aquatica A5dmk3 housing. As for AF. The mk3 is hands down the best AF-ing Canon camera next to the 1Dx. S.
  5. The Aquatica handle is hollow, and if you look, there's a convenient groove on the top. I simply thread a 3/8" braided nylon cord with a big knot tied on the end into the handle and lay the cord along the groove. The ball adapter (17553) then keeps everything in place. I use a stainless steel clip to then hook to a D-ring on my BC. My cord is 6' long, allowing me to drop my housing below me if I need to assist someone and it's not in the way. S.
  6. Price lowered for the housing and port, $2200 plus shipping.
  7. Join Aquatica & SLS Photography as we explore the wonders of the Philippines. Attendees will benefit from the experience of Aquatica's Sean Havas, SLS Photo's Stewart Sy & one of Canada's most published UW Photographers, Jett Britnell! We plan on bringing a whole bunch of imaging equipment from Aquatica, S&S, iTorch, FIT, Xit404 and more!
  8. I did the upgrade, IQ wise, not a huge diff, but usability of the body, the fantastic AF...I have no regrets. It's a true shooter's dream. S. p.s. I waited a year before I upgraded...
  9. As adapters already exist for the current E-mount line to enable the use of Canon (and Nikon) lenses, the A7 won't be a "game changer" at all. Especially if one starts using lenses that can throw an image circle large enough for a 24x36 sensor. The m43 format is great as the sensor is 1/4 the size of a FF chip, so lenses are that much smaller. But start wanting a 100mm macro or 15mm FE (our standard UW lenses), then you're no better off that using a DSLR with crippled (as per current technology) slower AF. When you start considering topside lenses like a 70-200 or more...then the camera becomes a liability than anything as it's too small a "handle" to properly stabilize the bigger lenses against one's body/face. Remember too, theoretically, FF lenses require larger elements, leading to more expensive glass. I love my NEX-6 and my ability to use my Canon EF lenses with the Tech-Art adapter AF is still hit/miss with the on sensor phase detect. Navigating through menus can be a bit of a pain in the rear end and while soft keys are easily customized, it's not in the same league as a DSLR. Yes, it's easier on the shoulder to carry around, but when it's the "must get it shot" moment, I still reach for my 5dmk3 or 7D. S.
  10. Just to clarify as I think my posting was misunderstood. The item is in the box, brand new from the factory. Full warranty applies. The box is just opened and the housing taken out and was used for display at a couple of shows, though we didn't allow any fondling of the item when it was out on display....I'm just sayin' Stu
  11. That price only holds for the Ikelite model & FO units.. Regular N5 units are at $3359....I'm just sayin' ;-)
  12. Have a display unit for sale. It's the AD800-HYB housing (1 N5, 1 FO bulkhead). Will include shipping anywhere in Canada or the US. $3100.
  13. Here's What's Left: · Aquatica AD7000 housing, has approximately 30 dives, Twin Nikonos N5 bulkheads, 1 bulkhead can be replaced for optical cords · 18428 Autofocus Macro Port with Front Element Neoprene Cover · Housing Protective Cap · Rear Port Cap · Spare-Orings. · Strobe and Spotting Light Ball Mounts MSRP for all items is $3520.00, Asking is $2500 plus shipping. S.
  14. Depends on where you'll be shooting too. Oslob or Southern Leyte or Donsol. Oslob allows scuba and you can get pretty dramatic silhouettes and sunbursts behind the animal if you stop down to f16-22. Donsol and Oslob are snorkel interactions only and you're limited to how deep you can freedive and the vis. Generally vis is good at Oslob, and Southern Leyte and sucky at Donsol. S.
  15. A quick dunk post dive, pushing buttons if i remember. After the trip, housing is soaked in fresh water for 24 hours. Housing is stored with no back or port orings in place. S.
  16. The 6" will work with the Sigma Here's one shot taken with the Aquatica 5dmk2 and the 6" Dome and the Sigma 15mm fisheye and just for chuckles, here's one taken with the Aquatica 5dmk3 housing, Minidome and the Tokina 10-17 fisheye Cheers Stu
  17. Viewfinder, strobes, arms have been sold. Housing, ports and cords are left. S.
  18. Aquatica doesn't require you to use a +2 diopter with the 8" dome/16-35L combo. The MFD of the 16-35L is 12" from sensor. I've used this setup with no problems with my 5dmk2. S.
  19. Added image of the system, the covers on the sync cords (strobe ends) are missing, still looking for them. The hydrophone cable has been trimmed, will need to be replaced if buyer wishes.
  20. I have a customer who asked me to help sell his Aquatica D7000 system as his health issues have pretty much put a stop to his UW Photography for a while. We sold him the system and can vouch for the condition of the housing, everything is in great shape! Included are: Aquatica D7000 Digital Housing, Protective Body Cap for Aquatica Housing AF Macro Port 2 x 1" Ball to Flat Plate, Attaches to Housing Handle 2 x Sea & Sea Ball Head Adapter 4 x 6" Double Ball Arm 7 x New Style ULCS Clamp 1x Ball with 1/4-20 Stud Rear Protective Cover for Aquatica Bayonet Port Maintenance Kit 2 x Sea & Sea YS110a Strobes 2 x Sea & Sea N5 Sync Cord Retail Value of $ 4996, selling for U$3600 plus shipping. An Aquaview 180 Viewfinder is being sold separately at $950 plus shipping All prices in US Funds. Cheers Stu
  21. Hi Johan, The macro was a mix of the Sigma 150 non-OS and the Canon 100 f2.8 non-L macro. I also used the Aquatica +5 & +10 close up diopters. S.
  22. Hi Christine, I shoot the 5dmk3 and I use the Tokina 10-17 with a 1.4 TC. All the wide angle shots here: http://stewartsy.com/anilao-2013/ were taken with that combo. I used the combo behind the Aquatica mini-dome (4"). The lens was usable from about 12mm-17mm. I've printed some of them to 16x24 and the quality is outstanding. Cheers Stewart
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