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  1. Larry, Are you looking for Anilao again or elsewhere? Anilao, I'd wholeheartedly recommend Dive Solana (www.divesolana.com) much nicer than Club O. Diving in Puerto is very similar to Anilao but Portofino is pretty nice in PG. Just make sure you stay away from Sabang Beach and you'll be OK. In Dumaguete, Atmosphere Resort is very nice. Was in Moalboal last June, but diving was just so so so but Turtle Bay Resort was pretty good though they do nickel and dime you to death. S.
  2. On the Aquatica T2i housing, the shutter is a lever forward of the housing, it is mounted like an upside down trigger on a gun. Pulling it back fires the camera. The shutter speed is controlled as well using the main dial control on the housing, it's located just behind the shutter release lever and you don't have to move your right hand from the handle. The aperture is adjusted using the same dial, you simply have to move the a rear lever to allow control. There is also a control for changing ISO and for turning off the pop up flash. This is of course on top of the zoom control, lens release, port lock etc available on the housing. Cheers Stewart
  3. I went through the same decision process recently. What made me sell my 5dmk2 and go with the Mk3 was the much better handling the new body gives you. AF on the mk3 is outstanding, way better than the mk2. It was at the suggestion of 2 other highly respected photographers that got me over the initial spending hump (plus my dealer took my mk2 in for a trade). The Aquatica 5dmk3 housing has more functionality than the mk2 version mainly by giving you access to the rear joystick, the optional ISO lever is a nice touch as well. The camera also now allows in camera multiple exposure so that just opens up a whole new option on creative composition. While most pooh pooh the slight resolution increase, it's not just the MP that makes the camera sing. I do quite a bit of commercial photography and that helps pay for the UW toys. I leased my system and as a working pro, that is a definite consideration as you can claim the full cost of your lease as a business expense. You can PM me if you want more details. Can't advise you on the strobe selection as I'm using the S&S YS-D1's with my setup. As for your lens selection, hard to beat the 100 macro, and with the great AF ability of the mk3, you can just opt for the AF only macro port and proper port extension. I would suggest at least a good focus light though as it can get dark shooting our Canadian waters. Cheers S.
  4. Good review Bart, I'm surprised you liked Darilaut, we did it once and it was pretty silted over. I much preferred the dive over at the next cove, Bethlehem. We could do the any of the sites north of the Resort as wave action was pretty bad due to a typhoon parked off Guam and a low pressure area near Hong Kong. S.
  5. Here's some images taken last June (2012) in Anilao. I didn't stay at Club O, stayed at Dive Solana though we did have Peri and Alexis as our guides. Images taken with either the Canon 7D or the Sony NEX-5n in their respective Aquatica Housings. Used the YS-D1's on the 7D, YS-01's for the 5n. http://stewartsy.com...ke-coming-home/ heading back this May! =) S.
  6. 7D with the Canon 100 (non-IS) was my setup of choice in Anilao last June. Coupled with the Aquatica +10 diopter, I was getting good images of teeny tiny critters...ie rice grain sized nudis. You can use the 10-22 behind the Aquatica 6" dome, the main difference is the extension ring and the zoom gear over the one used for the Tokina. If you use the 10-22, you'll need the 18462 extension and the 18696 zoom gear. If you use the 10-17, it's the 18453 extension and the 18717 zoom gear. I've shot splits using the 6" dome in calm water. Even if a 7Dmk2 were to come out, you'll be waiting easily till the summer till a new housing is ready for it. Cheers S.
  7. Hi Folks Just a shout out to divers/photographers in the Vancouver BC area. The Vancouver Aquarium is hosting Diver's Weekend on January 19th & 20th. Aquatica is one of the major sponsors of the event and will have a display during the event. Jean Bruneau (Viz'art), Aquatica's Senior Technical Advisor will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. Expect the 5dmk3, D800, 7D, NEX-5n housings to be on display. More details here http://www.vanaqua.org/experience/events/annual-and-upcoming-events/divers-weekend Cheers Stu
  8. Andy, You can still use the Aquaview with the Aquatica A5dmk2 housing. FF cameras don't play well with smaller domes so you should also factor in the cost of at least the 8" dome if you don't have one yet. One other thing, though not so important since you're an ambient shooter is that the 5D's don't have a popup flash so they're limited to electrical sync cords while the 7D (and your T2i) had the ability to use Optical sync cords and hence TTL strobe exposure. S.
  9. Which 5d are you referring to? I've never shot the T2i but I currently shoot the 7D and 5dmk3 as well as having owned the 5dmk1 & 2 and have shot all except the mk3 underwater. For noise performance, the 7D and 5dmk1 are close, especially given the 7D has 50% more pixels. The 5dmk2 has about a stop and a bit better high ISO than the 7D and the 5dmk3 has another stop and half better than the mk2. The mk2 and mk3 do perform slightly better at shallow sunballs than the 7D. You can use your current T2i lenses with the 7D. Another big difference is AF performance. The T2i won't be as good as the 5dmk2, but the 7D does blow away the 5dmk2 and the 5dmk3 blows away the 7D's af. Regardless, your Aquaview is usable with the Aquatica 7D, 5dmk2 & mk3 Housings. S.
  10. Have you checked the micro-switches on your main board? Check your owner's manual on where they need to be set. Also, with N5 cords, you're setting the D1's to either the single or double lightning bolt modes only. S.
  11. Bill, which LED's did you get? I'm on the Unique-LED site. thanks! Stu
  12. The LED micro strobe didn't work for me with the 7D and the YS-D1, not enough Oomph to the LED. No problems though using the pop up flash. If you have Z240's I'd be happy to sell you mine =). S
  13. I was in Moalboal this past June, sad to say, quality of diving there is below that of other areas of the Philippines. Pescador is by far the best diving in MB. S.
  14. I've used the 150 macro with the 7D. The 18462 Extension is the correct extension I believe, can verify tonight. Very long working distance. Your biggest hurdle is throwing the strobe power out there for good lighting. This is based on the non-IS version of the Sigma 150 macro. I used it in AF mode. The 7D's af is pretty good, plus I did the MFA calibration using the Reikan FoCal software. S.
  15. Portofino is off Small La Laguna Beach, Sabang town is located on Big La Laguna beach. I avoid Sabang at all costs.
  16. Drew, someday, hope to share a San Miguel with you over some sizzling sisig!. ;-) Teddy, I'm also a 5dmk3 (& 7D) user to if you have questions, I'll try to answer them.
  17. No. The dome will create a virtual image that 2x the dome's diameter IN FRONT of the dome. You will still need to focus as that 2x diameter is where subjects at infinity are located, subjects that are closer (or within your lens' focal range will be closer than that, it's still a three dimensional scene) Yes, you can use flat / macro ports for non-macro applications. S.
  18. If you are planning to use a dome port, the extension ring pushes the dome out so that the optical center of the dome matches up with the exit pupil of the lens...or as close to it as possible. Also, when using a dome, you don't focus on the scene but on a virtual image that's formed at approximate 2x dome diameter. Your lens must have a MFD that is within that virtual image or you will need to add a diopter. If you're using a flat port then MFD isn't as critical as a virtual image isn't formed with a flat port, you do "gain" about 20% magnification since the flat port refracts the water and cause an increase in image size. You might be able to use the 50L behind a flat port but the 35 will likely need a dome. MFD is 30mm for the 35 so you'll need at least an 8" dome port to get good image quality. Getting manual focus ability with a prime lens will depend on the distance the focus ring will be from the zoom gear on the housing. most zoom rings are close to the rear of the lens and thus aren't a big reach to engage the zoom controls of the housing. Depending on your housing of choice, you'll need to measure that distance and have a chat with the manufacturer and see if they have a zoom ring that will match. Aquatica does have a port extension that allows MF using the EF 16-35 & 17-40Ls. S.
  19. Sigma 150 Macro recreates the reach of the 105/100 in a crop cam. Crazy sharp lens, pretty much equal to the Canon/Nikon 100's. Then add a +10 external from Aquatica or Subsee S.
  20. I second the recommendation at Dive Solana. Owners are usually on site or a mobile call away. Was there in June, will be back in May. They just upgraded the rooms, kitchen facilities and should have wifi available throughout the resort. Solana is also very close to Twin Rocks. EP is nice (aside from the sharks) though some of the rooms are a bit of a hike away from the pools and beach access. Drew, the local term for someone from Manila is "ManileƱo" S.
  21. Chances are a custom bulkhead isn't needed as Aquatica already has the optical bulkhead, the only issue is that the triggering of the 110a's isn't a sure thing with the Micro LED. I've tried it with a 7D in the Aquatica Housing, using the on camera flash at 1/128th power, I can trigger my YS-D1's no problem, but using the MicroLED with the LED's pointing straight up into the bulkhead's window won't trigger the strobes. S.
  22. I tried setting the S&S Cord further back from the sensor, but nothing happened. Another option maybe would be to extend the FO Cable so it sticks out of the end of the port, that may give a better spread of light, but the S&S cord end is molded around the cord, can't push it out further. I'll see if I can find a thicker FO cable, maybe that would help in light transmission. S.
  23. Hi, I bought one of Hedwig's Micro LED Strobes for my Aquatica A7D Housing with the new YS-D1 strobes, unfortunately, I couldn't get them to work. I guess this is due to the off centre position of the S&S's slave sensor. But this is supposed to work well with Inon strobes as per this post on the WP forums: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=44632&st=0 $120, including shipping anywhere in the US & Canada. Cheers Stu
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