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  1. There's a local group here that is making a difference. www.sharktruth.com. Stu
  2. Hi Folks Just thought I'd bring this topic to light, it's happening literally in my own backyard of Richmond BC. The owner of this restaurant feels that the Chinese people are "part of the food chain" and are thus entitled to eat Shark's Fin Soup. http://www.richmondreview.com/news/162283206.html The arguements put forth by Mr. Chung are both uneducated and dangerous. For those on FB, you can post your comments here but not sure how long they'll last as they've been deleting them regularly. https://www.facebook.com/jadeseafood It's people like this who perpetuate such lies and misunderstanding that makes shark conservation such a hard sell in the Chinese community. As one of Chinese descent, I wholeheartedly support a worldwide ban on sharks fin. Stu
  3. October will be better than September as the monsoons will be dying down. Anilao has sheltered sites that are diveable even in the most miserable conditions. We were in Dive Solana 3 weeks ago and while waves were crashing into the beach, the boats were able to beach themselves to load gear and we were able to dive quite a few of the sites, but we were limited to the southern sites as they were more protected. For pelagics, you could try Malapascua for Threshers, there's Oslob but nothing else there except for the whale sharks, diving in Moalboal was just so so. Tubbataha is closed for the season. Not sure if there'll be whalesharks yet at Sogod Bay. You can see my images from Anilao: http://stewartsy.com/anilao-was-just-like-coming-home/ Cheers Stu
  4. Tim, Not sure what you meant about being less flexible for TTL. D1 has slave function that auto senses preflashes and also has a S-TTL capability. Used the D1 with DSLR and NEX in both manual and TTL, no problems. S.
  5. I just took the YS-D1's for 40 dives in the Philippines. Love em. Fast recycle, great power, nice spread of light. S.
  6. Hi Folks Just flew back to Vancouver on Sunday. Did 2 amazing weeks of diving in the Philippines. 1 week in Moalboal, 1 week + 1 day in Anilao. Wasn't all that enthused by the diving in Moalboal, reefs were so so, but we did see a whale shark at Pescador Island and at Oslob. We figure the shark at Pescador was an Oslob graduate as it knew to approach boats looking for food. While sad to see that this magnificent animal was going around looking for food, the fishermen and dive operators were there to hopefully protect this wonderful creature. When we did go to Oslob, there were 6-7 sharks in the bay. 3 Sharks left the main group of feeders and proceeded to give the group of 20 or so divers the show of our lives! No krill for bait, but a full hour of them just swimming back and forth and observing these strange bubble blowers with their 1 big eye... ;-). Hope you like the images... Stu
  7. Just took delivery of 4 YS-D1's and will try them out next week in the Philippines. Cosmetically, I like the matte finish on the plastic, gone is the awkward mounting of the diffusers on the YS110a, the included 1" ball with o-ring is a nice touch. Made in Japan (YS-D1) vs China (YS110a). Can't wait to get them in the water for both WA and Macro testing. Stu
  8. Both cameras will use optical sync for an of camera strobe. You will need a means to secure the strobe to the housing (usually by means of trays, arms and clamps). Consider the plastic housing as a throw away if something goes wrong with it (i.e. a leaky control or a scratch port) Cost of admission is definitely much cheaper with the plastic housings. You are depth limited to 120 - 140 feet which is fine for recreational limits. Wet lenses are options for the plastic housings, but on the 5n, you have the option of using the fisheye conversion, wide angle conversion as well as the zoom (18-55), the 16mm pancake and the 30 macro. It really depends on what your ultimate goals are. The 5n has the same sensor as the D7000 and has great high ISO performance and also takes 1080p HD video. S.
  9. I held out getting the Aquaview thinking that I didn't need the optic and my (now) 44 year old eyes could still see. But, putting it on was a revelation! As many have said, if you're shooting a lot of macro, then the 45 would likely serve you best once you've put in the time to get used to it, camera movements will be a bit counter intuitive since you have to pivot the camera around the viewfinder whereas if using the 180, the movement is natural as your body basically acts as a gimbal mount for the system. The Aquaview is very easy to install, it takes 1 oring to lock it in place, comes with a carrying bag (or optional hard case). You'll win with either one. S.
  10. It should fit, as it's not a big lens. As for working, given that it has a .98 minimum focus distance, it should work with even the 6" dome, though you'll likely get better corners using the 8". 35mm though on a crop sensor gives you the FOV of a 52mm lens, sometimes, the sharks do get up close to you. S.
  11. Just to clarify, in the lens chart for the Aquatica 4" Dome Port, 18410, no where does it say "helping improve optics" The chart is pretty specific on needing the 18456 Port Extension with the Tokina 10-17 alone or the 18453 extension if the lens is used with the teleconverter. If the Extensions were taken to be a "suggestion" then would the zoom gears that are specified also a "Suggestion"? In page 6 of the D7000 Manual, Jean states: "The Dome Port may require the use of an extension ring to optimize the optical center to both the dome and the lens..." it goes on to say "A comprehensive list of the lenses supported and their REQUIRED (Caps are Mine) extensions and/or accessories is supplied at the end of this manual S.
  12. Finally! I had a bunch of those in images I took a while back of some pygmy seahorses in the Philippines and wondered what they were. S.
  13. Hi Wetpixelers! For those of you who are able to make it to Tacoma this weekend, please come by the Philippine Dept. of Tourism Booth and say "Hi". Booth 418,420. Cheers! Stu
  14. Hi Kari Nice to see you here as I usually just see you over at NSN. =). I won't weigh in too much about Acrylic vs Aluminum, as Bill said, you can't tell the difference between images shot with an Ikelite vs an Aluminum housing such as Aquatica, Nauticam, Sea & Sea, Seacam or Subal. You wallet will be less light if you go for an Ikelite while the journey to get the image might be easier with the Aluminum units. As a very experienced DSLR shooter, nix options 1 & 2. Option 3 & 4 are your best bet, with no. 4 of course being the most expensive. I've seen 7D and D7000 housings for sale here on WP from time to time, even a 5dmk2 housing, just a matter of timing. Another option to consider would be the NEX line from Sony. The benefits of the APS-C sensor (same one as in the D7000), Full 1080p recording capability, small size and lower price of admission (camera and housing wise) make it a viable combo. There are those who put down the NEX-5n for being awkward to use and change settings (especially in Manual Mode), but those comments usually aren't based on actually using the camera in the housing. I've shot over/unders with the 4" & 6" domes for the Fisheye Conversion and Kit Lens respectively. The main limitation right now is the short macro lens that is available (30mm) but there's hope on the horizon for that. Most UW images are shot with Super Wide or Fisheye lenses and the Sony handles those with ease (and reasonable cost). The housings with a port are not much bigger than a gripped 5dmk2 with the 24-105 lens. There is TTL strobe capability for when you want to have the capability (likely sooner than later). AF is pretty good if you have decent light on your subject, that would be the same as any contrast based AF system. Shutter response is very quick. The ability to program the soft keys allows quick changes to ISO, Flash Compensation, Shoot mode, AF type etc. Anyway, just thought you'd like another option. cheers Stu Edited: Admin
  15. A lens' maximum aperture doesn't necessarily mean it will AF faster. Compare the 85 1.2L vs the 85 f1.8 non-L. The 1.8 version runs circles around the 1.2, but if you want ultimate DOF control then you go for the 1.2. Also, given the super shallow FOF that the 85 f/1.2 can produce, a slower AF might be beneficial as a fast AF motor might go past the focus point...kinda like not braking in time for a stop light. ;-) Fisheye lenses like the Tokina 10-17, Sigma & Canon 15mm's don't have USM motors since the massive DOF and short throw of the lenses don't require fast motors. Some lenses are meant for sports/fast action, they have very quick AF response, like the 300 f/2.8, 500 f/4 etc. The speed at which those lenses go from minimum focus to Infinity is truly awesome. Then some lenses just don't need fast AF. The 50 f/2.5 Macro is one. Stunningly sharp and distortion free, but it uses the old style focus motor that not USM. All lenses AF at their maximum aperture to allow the most light onto the AF sensor, it's only when you take the shot does the iris close down to your selected size. Most cameras focus fast enough, it's the accuracy on how it maintains or acquires focus that's important (kinda like the 1dmk3 controversy) My 2 cents... S.
  16. Dimitris I'm not sure how many dealers you contacted (I'm one of them). Aquatica is well aware of the situation as several dealers have contacted them in your behalf already. Please note the time difference between Europe and North America. The request was received well into the afternoon. I gave you some suggestions for a field repair. Give Aquatica time to respond. Please note that this is an older housing and parts have to be found...if they are still available. Pestering them, a dealer or this forum will not get your answer any faster. Regards Stewart Sy
  17. I've tracked bald eagles in flight using my 5dmk2, so it's most definitely NOT an AF issue. The 15mm FE is has the older screw drive for AF, it's not a USM motor, even though there's a very short throw with the 15, it is still noticeably slower than a USM run lens. Try using the EF 8-15L, 16-35L ver 1 or 2, 17-40L. The focus speed is fast enough for pretty much anything you'd want. You may also want to set the camera to AI-Servo instead of One Shot, keeping the shutter at half press will have the camera track whatever is under the active AF Point. S.
  18. Don't know which camera store this is, but the lens hood of the Fisheye conversion lens from Sony is not removable. The 18-55mm kit lens is about 3/4" longer than the 16mm W/ Fisheye lens. S.
  19. Solana has 1 resident DM, Celso, he's pretty good at finding stuff. S.
  20. There is already a part no. for the optional lens holder. 19354, It's designed to mount on either the strobe arm or the housing handle. S.
  21. There are sample blenny images shot by Mauricio Handler in the Aquatica website. The close up kit is only just arriving in dealer's shelves so images taken with them should be coming. S.
  22. Click on the link by the OP. Mauricio Handler took the 1st unit down for a dive and has sample images. S.
  23. Hi, I've taken delivery of a few units. I haven't dove them yet as my schedule (and leaky drysuit zipper) prevents me from doing so. My initial impressions are: 1) Mounting on the Aquatica macro port is very secure and the 3 locking screws provide a secure fit and they don't scratch the port 2) The quick mounting system is locks the diopter tightly to the mount. Not quite as solid as say a bayonet but still locks in there. The 67mm threads also allow for ports with M67 mounts. 3) Same magnification as the Subsee Just for laughs, I tried to see how close I could get with the +10. Click here and scroll down. There is some motion smearing and shallow DOF, but IQ is very good compared to bare EF100f2.8 Macro, and working distance from the end of the diopter was about 1.5-2" to get that much magnification. Stewart
  24. if you want wide angle, depending on the where the resort is, you may be able to ask for a trip over to Verde.. It's more of a PG destination though than Anilao due to distance. But Sombrero/Bahura are your best best for Wide Angle with the Anthias. Bart, email me at stewart@stewartsy.com if you do get there. I'm booked so I will be in Solana for sure. Stu
  25. Hi Bart Twin Rocks is one of the best dives in Anilao, especially if the Jacks are around. I'll be nearby from June 9-17, about 5 mins away. Philip Diving in PG & Anilao would be similar. PG is a bit further away as you need to cross Batangas Channel. Anilao is 2-3 hours out by car from Manila, PG adds another 45 mins for the crossing. More topside "distractions" in PG as you can walk into Sabang (not that I ever do), Anilao you're more restricted to your resort S.
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