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  1. I down loaded viewRAW to my other computer and it works really nicely. Will now try RAWshooter with the real computer.
  2. As Alex says the FP sync option will only help with SB800.
  3. I have the 12-24 but hardly ever use it as I find the 10.5 almost irresistable as I'm getting ready for a dive.
  4. Heard some rumours of a new strobe from INON. Anyone any idea how it differs from standard Z220? If it supports iTTL it could be the answer to a lot of peoples questions. Cheers
  5. Alex where is the "ttl annonymous" thread?B) Sorry Jerome I know that doesn't help after you have already bought the gear.
  6. Price for Nexus will be US$ 3,785 (THB 147,250) @ ADEX. I believe this price will not be available after the show. There are 7 units pre-ordered for Thailand.
  7. I have a "custom" zoom gear for this lens. Actually its a 105mm focus gear with 20mm (approx) cut off the end , works well. For ports I use Compact base port , 22mm ext and 111 compact port. If I want to use a diopter I add 40mm ext. It may be better with custom flat port and multiple 40mm extensions, I find with the compact ports its very negative and adds alot of torque to your wrists.
  8. I really like miy z220's. The only thing that ticks me off is Inon not getting their act together with the Optical Converter's lack of compatibility with S&S.
  9. With 12-24 , 40mm ext and compact dome no diopter CFWA is not really an option. I think this is the weakest combination in the S&S set up. I much prefer 10.5mm no ext no diopter compact dome. Cheers
  10. I have the S&S DX-D70 and have been very happy with it. Cheers
  11. I find the 105 and 70-180 very similar in AF. The 60 is much easier in AF. I always use AF. Cheers
  12. I asked the same question here a couple of weeks ago. The Sea and Sea dealers I have talked to also doubt there will be one.
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