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  1. Hi, Just a few simple questions. How long do you heat a silica gel pack in the microwave to dry it out? Also, can you use any gel pack (like the ones found in shoe boxes), or do they make special ones for housings? Thanks. Brian H.
  2. Some good stuff there. Nice shots. I especially like the Soldierfish.
  3. Just wondering what tips/steps you take in making sure your housing doesn't fog up. Do you keep the camera/housing in a cool place like a cooler before you go in the water? Do you put the silica pacs far in advance? Do you heat the housing in the sun to evaporate any water out of the casing before you put he camera in? What are the best steps to take to make sure you don't fog up? B A H
  4. Hi, I'll be snorkeling for about a month this April, and was wanting to perhaps get a PT housing for that time. How many dives can I take before I replace the O ring? How often do I need to grease the O-ring? Can I expect all of the supplies (O-ring, silica packs, grease) to last for a full month of snorkeling? (20 to 30 times) Thanks Brian H
  5. Hey, those Aqua packs are more what I'm looking for. I checked out their digital camera bag though, and it would be quite tight, and maybe not quite fit my C3000Z. The readius of my camera is maxed out in their digital camera bag when my lens is extended. That's more what I'm looking for though. I was hoping I could find a generic casing that was a bit bigger than that, but around that price range. I still might get the PT housing and just sell it on Ebay after my trips.
  6. I've been thinking it over, and wondering if I just went out and bought the PT casing, use it for about 15 snorkeling trips, and then sell it on Ebay. Do you think I could sell it for pretty high after I've used it so little? I'd be willing to lose around $100 on it to use it for the trips. Do you think it could sell for lets say $160?
  7. Hi, I'll be snorkeling for only a few days out of the next few years, and was looking to use my Olympus C3000Z digital camera under water. Considering I won't be snorkeling more than 10 times throuhgout the next few years, the PT housings are too expensive, as is the Ewa Marine DCA-2 case. I contacted Ewa marine about the generic DAM and DMM housings, and they said I would have to get the DCA-2 to fit it in. Is there a cheaper flexible housing alternative? I don't need to access everything on the camera. Just the shutter, and hopefully the macro button and zoom. Anyone know of other companies that make more generic housings that are relatively cheap? Thanks for any advice. Brian H [Edited on 2-5-2002 by gdguide]
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