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  1. Regarding the details of the leak in the A5000 housing: This was the housing's "maiden voyage" and I didn't have a camera inside or strobe attached. I put a small piece of paper inside the housing and was only doing a leak test, per the manufacturer's suggestion. The idea was that I would see water being absorbed by the paper quickly if there was a leak. Both the main and bulkhead o-rings were installed correctly. The leak was small and it wasn't obvious as to where the water was coming from. It was noted at 20' due to the capillary effect on the paper inside the housing. Since the housing was brand new and defective, I've returned the housing to the camera store that sold it to me and not to Aquatica. Hopefully, it'll be replaced with a new housing. If I do find out the cause, I'll pass it along. (I did call Aquatica and left a voice message, which hasn't been returned yet.)
  2. :angryfire: I just purchased an Aquatica A5000 housing for my Coolpix 5000 and followed the manufacturer's suggestion to water test the housing before using it with the camera. I'm glad the camera wasn't in the housing because it immediately leaked at 20 feet. The main o-ring was lubed and installed correctly. Has anyone else had this problem? I've shipped it back and hopefully the problem will be quickly rectified.
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