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  1. Technician told me the part name but actually im dont remember ,i will ask him again about part name and let you know .
  2. Hi kraken I repair my strobe at local camera shop in kingdom of Bahrain If you didnt found shop can repair it near your country send your strobe problem i will tell them about it if they can fix it .
  3. Hello there Yes i have same issue before http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=63061&do=findComment&comment=400625
  4. Hello Photographers I would like to share with you my story with YS-D2 Strobe , i have this Strobe form one and half years light used , it was so perfect with me , last time when i was diving i have a problem the strobe level control come out of control it was firing only in full power even when i adjust the control level to low power , at home i change cable and mode but still same problem ( only firing full power ) . i send email for Sea&Sea Company to tell them my issue if they can repair the strobe but until today i did not get any response from them , and i send email for the shop i buy it from he tell me the Strobe not under warranty any more , and cost for repairing this problem will be close to for the new one cost , he recommended to me buy new one. i come depressed after his email, for last chance i take the strobe for local camera shop in my country the technician say he need few days to check the strobe after 5 days they call to tell me they need to change small electronic part and interior O-ring the cost will be ( 40 $ ) . after repairing i check it at home was working very well and use it now in more than 15 dives it's working perfect Strobe before repairing Strobe after repairing
  5. Hi I will recommend to you get good strobe at the beginning if your budget is tight , after that you can take another one.
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