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  1. I think the part number is 18810. Thanks!
  2. Asking $900 OBO. Great condition, a few minor scratches that are hard to photo but don't affect images. No water stains. Some wear on the plastic shade. Includes case and neoprene cover. Happy to answer any questions or provide sample images!
  3. Asking $700 OBO. Great condition, no scratches. Happy to answer any questions or provide sample images!
  4. Asking $400 OBO. Excellent condition, no scratches. Including for free a 3D printed zoom gear that I designed and printed. Happy to answer any questions!
  5. Looking for the N120 Extension Ring 50 w/Lock. Also, the N100 to N120 35.5mm Adapter II and N100 Macro Port 110 if anyone happens to have one.
  6. Looking for the N100 macro port 110 if anyone has one. Thanks!
  7. I think the part number is 37305 Thanks!
  8. Nauticam flash trigger for Olympus. Note that this will only work for the EM5 as the posts broke so I had to glue it together. Asking $100 shipped CONUS. Can't upload anymore pics. Email twmcelveen@gmail.com for pics.
  9. Works for most mirrorless/compact housings. Previously used on an NA-EM5II for less than a month. Asking $50 shipped CONUS.
  10. Flexitray II with handles and balls, previously used on an NA-EMII. Asking $150 plus shipping.
  11. Focus gear and Port are sold. Lens still available.
  12. Nauticam 36401 N85 to N120 55mm adapter with lock and focus knob. Allows use of the 180mm glass dome ports with zoom lenses like the Oly 7-14s. Asking $450 excluding shipping and PP fees. Email twmcelveen@gmail.com for pics.
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